Travel to Europe

Travel to Europe

Travel to Europe

Who has not dreamed of a trip through Europe? In Paris strolling along the Champs-Elysées, see the Buckingham Palace in London or explore the Sagrada Família in Barcelona.

Visit Europe
Whether Paris, London or Milan: Europe's cities score with multicultural facets. Often it is the money that is an obstacle to the desired hotel. This need not be. Who noticed some tips before you travel, can conveniently but stylish travel the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Planning the tour
Europe offers travel enthusiasts a lot of sights and fascinating places. Different landscapes, world-renowned landmarks and, not least, different cultures. The most important thing for a city break and remains the planning. Those who compare deals and good directions, etc. Hotel booked early, can save a lot of money during his trip. A list of all costs incurred in the holiday, overview of the Finance provides. It is also recommended to look for local services out. Often tourists cards offered that - depending on the city - include discounts for public transportation, museums, galleries and the like.

Visit Lisbon
Those who opt for the city with the lively cafes and bars, a discovery tour by tram should not be missed. Nostalgic, old fashioned and enchanting, it guarantees a high driving pleasure. Tickets for public transport are located in Portugal and can be purchased directly at the bus stops. In one of the fado restaurants tourists the melancholy Portuguese music to listen.

 The food you have to pay as a traveler indeed, the Portuguese lifestyle you get for free. You can then in a chic but cozy bars set in Lisbon, smoke a cigar and a glass of wine or whiskey drink - in short to sit back and enjoy.

The museums of London
After London to get low to the Euro Star. Upon arrival you have to change though in Brussels, with a price tag of less than 50 euros each way save early bird but a decent sum. Culture fans will enjoy in London at the numerous museums and galleries. And also nothing yet: Since 2011, the entrance to all national museums and galleries of London is free. Especially recommended are the National Gallery, the British Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Tour in Paris
From Dusseldorf one is by Thalys in under four hours in Paris. Who decides early saves here spending money for the holidays. If you book three months before departure, only pays just 35 euros each way. Save can in Paris while eating. As an alternative to the often overpriced Parisian restaurants, a chic picnic in one of the many parks of the capital is recommended - stylish, yet inexpensive. Buying on the market olives, baguette, cheese and wine and enjoy the view of the city of love.

Extra tip: If you want to explore in one fell swoop several cities in Europe, a train or bus can set flat rate. The InterRail ticket the train for about 600 euros a month, offers tours throughout Europe. The flat rate for the bus is valid for 30 days and to have from just under 300 Euro. A bargain that is worth it for the frequent traveler.
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