USB mouse to mobile device

USB mouse to mobile device

USB mouse to mobile device
Android can not change this spots: Connect USB mouse to mobile device. If you occasionally want to use as a replacement for a notebook your Android mobile device, you certainly lack the occasional touch of your mouse, such as graphics processing. To date, little is known that you can connect your USB PC mouse also to Android-powered devices. Here you can read how your mouse port is on Android.

With the touch operation and the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, the device control and operation has prevailed by touch. But who wants to use a tablet or smartphone as a temporary PC or notebook replacement, missing the familiar mouse operation in special applications such. B. graphics editing. Little is known so far is that many Android-powered devices but actually connecting USB mice supported as they are the norm on the desktop PC. For this purpose, the following requirements must be met:

1. OTG support
First of all, the mobile device must support USB OTG hardware side by the chipset ago. This is the newer devices from approx 2012 Best of the case, can be due to many manufacturers and devices but hardly generalize, so it is in doubt, a test required. The run with the free app "USB OTG Checker" through. The tool can also be used on non-rooted android and shows you whether your Android device's OTG-capable. You can reach to install the free tools at this direct link in the Google Play Store.

2. Android version
Then the mobile device has an operating system point USB OTG (On-the-Go) supported. That is the case with Android mobile devices from version Android 3.1 or later, because with this version of the USB host mode was introduced. Is on a mobile device using an older version installed, you may be able to establish a firmware update the desired compatibility.

3. USB OTG cable
There is a special USB connector cable (Tax-OTG cable) is required. This adapter cable provides the accessories market in two versions: As a cable "microUSB connector to USB port" and in the version of "Mini-USB connector to USB port". The USB connector of the adapter cable is type A, which is the usual standard size, so you can connect USB mouse, USB keyboard, USB stick or even a camera with USB memory. Orient yourself simply because if your mobile device is equipped with a micro or a mini-USB jack. You can get this adapter cable inexpensive z. B. in

Connection and operation of your "Android Mouse"
If the conditions are met, connect best only the adapter cable to what the message "USB Connector connected" generated. . If you connect, for example, a USB mouse to the adapter cable, you get on the status bar also the message "mouse connected" - that's for plain text instead of computer speech. The other way around, contact the removal of the device, the messages "mouse isolated" and "USB Connector separately".

The actions that you can perform with the mouse, similar to those of your touch operation by finger, but are not identical. Double-click to open an app, for example, with a simple click a menu or activate a command. You move and Sliden z. B. photos with the mouse to "drag and drop", ie with holding down the mouse button and zoom functions are triggered by double-clicking.

All in all, the Android-operation rather intuitively by mouse, but z. B. a stepless zoom like the spread "two-finger gesture" does not exist using the mouse. In addition, the right mouse button is not supported by default "jerks" and are therefore only a haptic feedback that this action can not be performed.
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