Using an USB stick as a virus scanner

Using an USB stick as a virus scanner

Using an USB stick as a virus scanner
To use an USB stick as a virus scanner. Computer pests such as viruses and Trojans represent a high security risk for your computer and the information stored on the system. In the worst case vacate cybercriminals about malicious programs even your bank account empty. Unfortunately, not every computer protected against the invaders. How do you even set up a simple protection of USB flash drive, can be found HERE. The website is available in germany but you can use translation feature to translate it to english.

Antivirus software
Protect your computer system with a virus scanner that fits on a USB stick. Most computers are now connected via a wireless network or a wired connection to the Internet. In addition, access via disk or the local network frequently new files on the system. Accordingly, offer various gateways for malware, such as viruses, trojans and keyloggers, just to name a few. An effective protection against the attackers should be installed on every computer.

However, many systems are unprotected. If you come to such a computer, on which, for any reason, no antivirus is always installed, you can check the system with a small software and a simple USB Sick.

Set up the antivirus software on the USB flash drive
The free program for monitoring a computer's F-Secure Online Scanner. Download the application by clicking on "Run Now". The file is only 500KB in size. Similarly, you will find on any USB flash drive space. Now, when you get to a computer that does not have antivirus software installed, you simply insert the USB flash drive. Then start the stored anti-virus solution. Then click on "Accept and Scannnen". The application then automatically searches the computer's memory and then analyzed all the files stored on your computer. Digital pests are detected and removed.

Protection, but with restrictions
The F-Secure Online Scanner provides easy protection and good recognition ability for computer pests. Please note, however, that the program is not a substitute for a full-fledged antivirus fixed. Since the tool is not activated permanently him the background to monitor the system namely missing. In practice, this means that viruses are only recognized when you start F-Secure Online Scanner.

Until then you have but possibly already done damage. An installed application with background monitoring detects viruses immediately if you are leaked. However, F-Secure Online Scanner is suitable if you refuse installed virus program, for instance because they make the system too slow or to request a second opinion for the virus message a fixed program.
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