What if you have an allergy to latex?

What if you have an allergy to latex?

What if you have an allergy to latex?
Latex allergy. Housewives, medical professionals, but also men who use latex-containing condoms can develop a latex allergy. Scientists estimate that already more than two million people are affected by an allergy to latex in Germany. What to look for when you are sensitive to latex?

Latex allergy
If you have an allergy to latex? Latex was originally a natural product, it comes from the milky sap of the rubber tree. The natural material is also called "natural latex". Today latex is mainly produced synthetically. Often latex is referred to as "rubber". Only on a few products will consumers an indication that they contain latex.

Which products can contain latex?
Disposable gloves
Surgical Gloves
Flushing and gardening gloves
elastic textiles and footwear
What are the symptoms of a latex allergy?
itchy and irritated skin
itchy and runny nose
watery eyes

Particularly affected by latex allergy is the medical professional. Doctors, nurses, laboratory workers and caregivers in nursing homes must wear gloves on a regular basis due to their profession. Meanwhile, however, also carry salespeople to sausage and meat counters and also in bakeries disposable gloves. Also in garden centers and flower shops containing latex gloves are used.

If you belong to the mentioned professional groups, you should wear non-latex gloves if possible. Many people develop an allergy to latex in the course of time.

What should you consider if you are allergic to latex?
Men often react to latex-containing condoms allergic. If you are among these people, you should definitely use only latex-free condoms. Also remember your partner, you might be allergic to latex containing your condom.

If you find that you can not tolerate your gloves and are allergic to it, you have to use other glove materials. Really kind to skin, the material is "Nitrile" which is already used in many disposable gloves.

Tip: Make sure to that on the packaging of the gloves "latex-free" and "powder-free" is specified, because many people are allergic not only to latex, but also on the powder used in gloves. If you have a latex allergy, you should not have any rubber trees Ficus trees or in your home, because latex allergies often react allergic on these plants.
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