Your Gmail account has been hacked?

Your Gmail account has been hacked?

Your Gmail account has been hacked?

GARBAGE NEWS. Mail accounts are a popular target of hackers. With the access to your electronic mailbox cybercriminals can cause a lot of damage without even appear. Google offers a fairly hidden protective mechanism against a hacker attack. How do you make sure that your account has been used without authorization or date in the past, can be found here.

Google Protection
Google offers a simple control that allows you to detect hacked accounts. Fallen cybercriminals the access data to your electronic mailbox in the hands, they can read along your e-mail, spy on your contacts and compose annoying spam mail in your name and E-mail. They left no appreciable traces, because all actions are performed on your behalf. Fortunately, you can protect yourself from such attacks, if you have an email account with Google.

How the protection of your Google Account
Google offers you a quite hidden method that can expose attacks on your account. The devices are evaluated, who have accessed your account. Your mail has been retrieved for example from an Apple device, even though you are using an Android smartphone, you should be suspicious. The same applies when foreign PC have access to your account or queries are carried out by unusual locations where you have never stopped.

Discover attacks on your Google Account
The security check, take into your Google account from a few mouse clicks. Potential attackers can be identified precisely in this way:

Restart your browser and log in with your access to your Google Account. Finally, click the top right of the screen to your profile picture. This will open a menu in the "My Account" click on the entry.

On the newly accessed page, click "Security Check" to "Start Now". In the list below you will get a list of all devices that have been accessed by whom on your Google Account. For example, whether a PC, an iPhone or an Android smartphone was used to access, can thus be seen directly.

If you need more details, click on the small arrow next to one of the terminals on the list. You know then, is which browser takes place at what time and from which place of access.

If your account has irregularity, you should immediately change as an emergency measure to protect your personal data password.
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