10 Things about IS, Fact or Bullshit?

10 Things about IS, Fact or Bullshit?

10 Things about IS, Fact or Bullshit?
IS-fighters in Mosul.
© Picture: Reuters
Do not trust media too much! You do not know what is really going on. The garbage news will answers the most important questions about the dreaded terrorist group. For weeks the jihadist terrorist militia "Islamic State" holds (IS) by their advance in Iraq the world in suspense. Particularly shocking is the brutality, the holy warriors. In early August they drove 100,000 members of the Yazidi religious minority into a mountain, to let them die of thirst there, from where they could be freed only after US air strikes. And last week they made with the published via video beheading of two years ago in Syria kidnapped US journalist James Foley for horror. But who are the fighters of the IS? What do they want and how they can obviously no one stop them? News.at answers the ten most important questions about the currently most feared terrorist group in the world.

1. What does IS?
The aim of the Islamic State already is in the name of the group. The organization seeks an Islamic caliphate on the territory of Iraq and the Levant, ie the territories of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel and Palestine, to.

In a caliphate there are secular and spiritual (ie religious) leadership in a single source, namely the caliph. In all of IS-controlled areas, the Sharia, the Islamic legal doctrine applies, in its most extreme form. Hands are chopped off thieves, "infidels" to be executed. Which even Muslims are unbelievers in the eyes of the Sunni IS belonging to another flow of religion.

2. Where does the IS?
The organization was founded in 2004 in Iraq in response to the then US occupation. 2010 IS moved across the border to Syria, where she joined the civil war against Bashar al-Assad, but parallel force was going against other rebels.

Last June IS fell surprise attack again in Iraq, where the group brought in no time considerable areas in the north of the country under their control and until shortly before Baghdad pushed forward.

3. Heard IS to Al-Qaeda?
At the beginning swore IS Al Qaeda allegiance, but fell out with the time with the terror network since it was even their leadership too radical. The Daily Mail quoted two weeks ago a dossier which has been found in Osama bin Laden's hideout. It recommended that killed Al-Qaeda leader, break off all contact with IS, as their unscrupulous disregard for civilian life of the reputation of the Al-Qaeda could harm.

Meanwhile, fighting the two groups, according to experts at the supremacy among the jihadists, and there are first signs that the major al-Qaeda offshoot in the Maghreb and in the Arabian Peninsula could take the side of the IS. In Syria, there were skirmishes between IS-fighters and those of the Syrian Al-Qaeda offshoot, the Al-Nusra Front.

4. Who carries IS?
About IS-leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is little known. He was born in 1971 in Iraq's Samarra and allegedly he studied Islamic sciences in Baghdad. Since 2010 he has been leader of IS and remains not only in the background: the storming of Mosul, he should personally commanded and have led.

Overall, al-Baghdadi has more than ten years fighting in Islamist groups. In 2004 he even sat eleven months in US custody, but was discharged because he was not classified as a threat. A momentous miscalculation, as can be seen today. Meanwhile, the US has placed a bounty of ten million dollars on the top terrorist.

5. Which area controlled IS?
The terrorist group controls the north and east of Syria and the north-west of Iraq. The Syrian-Iraqi border installations were dismantled over a distance of several hundred kilometers in accordance with the objective of the Caliphate. Your "capital" is Raqqa in Syria, until the weekend IS took the strategically important military airport al-Tabka, the last bastion of Assad troops in the region, a. In Iraq's Mosul, the second largest city in the country, the most important city under IS-control, repeatedly trying the Islamists also to advance towards Baghdad. On Monday raged fierce fighting around the largest Iraqi oil refinery in Baiji, 200 kilometers north of the capital.

6. How many fighters has IS?
Estimates of the number of IS-fighters vary between several thousand and tens of thousands, exact figures are not available. Thousands jihadists came from abroad to IS, including an increasing number of Europeans. Just last week, reported about "Newsweek" that the number of contending for IS Muslim Britons should be more than twice as high as that of the Muslims in the British Armed Forces. At least 1,500 young Britons to have traveled in the past three years to Syria and to Iraq to join the terror group. Even the murderers of the US journalist James Foley was identified as Briton.

7. Fighting Austrians on the part of IS?
Yes, also from Austria jihadists have set out towards Syria. From a parliamentary question answer of Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner (ÖVP) in early July shows that so far six Austrian nationals were killed in Syria, eight further participate "on the part of terrorist groups" still battles.

As the "Standard" reported the end of July, a total of about 100 people from Austria have gone to war to Syria, of which 40 are already returned. Another 20 are to be already lost their lives. The majority of the out of Austria in jihad Drawn is therefore not in possession of citizenship, half of them, according to information of the Interior Ministry Chechen background. As well as the nine living in Austria refugees who were arrested last week on the way to Syria at the border.

A 19-year-old Vienna with Tunisian roots fights which states that "standard" definitely on the side of the Islamic State, he has published corresponding videos. The Interior Ministry wants to toughen the law in order to evade Austrian citizenship can jihadists.

8. Why IS is so successful?
The greatest power of the IS is their cruelty. Your reputation precedes the jihadists so they could Mosul - a city as big as Vienna - take with only 800 fighters. The soldiers of the Iraqi army fled just in panic as soon as the first IS-bullets smashing around them. The radical Islamists put on a deliberate media strategy. Photos and videos of mass executions, crucifixions and beheadings are deliberately released in order to spread fear and terror.

In addition, IS has the most modern weapons and equipment, including tanks and missile systems. Much of it had to be operated only after the - equipped by the US - Iraqi army had fled. This enabled the IS-fighters' capture significant amounts of those equipment that they needed it most, "said the military expert Anthony Cordesman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington to APA.

9. How IS financed?
IS is considered richest terrorist group in the world. But where does the money go? Initially, the organization should be financed mainly from Gulf countries. Evidence is there not, however, experts do not doubt the windfall from the Arabian Peninsula. "The main source of funding has been the support from the Gulf states, particularly Saudi Arabia, as well as Qatar, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates", as said Günter Meyer, director of the Centre for Research on the Arab World at the University of Mainz, the end of June to "Deutsche Welle".

Meanwhile, the jihadists are certainly no longer dependent on donations. On one hand, they sell oil from under their control fields in eastern Syria on the black market, as well as extortion and the sale of stolen art treasures are among the sources of income.

With the conquest of Mosul IS fell beyond a treasure in the truest sense of the word in the hands: In the central city of the terrorists captured $ 429 million, or about EUR 325 million.

10. What consequences does this have for us?
The IS-rise destabilized an already tight torn region that dominated world politics for decades. This also leads to previously unimagined alliances, the US and Iran should cooperate in the fight against the terrorist group.

A real threat, especially for Western European countries, and thus also Austria, comes from beyond by radical Islamists who are returning from Syria. So is about a French, former IS-fighters suspected to have committed the murders in late May at the Jewish Museum of Brussels.

Fact or bullshit? let the time answer this question.
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