5 tips on how you can sleep well even in heat

5 tips on how you can sleep well even in heat

5 tips on how you can sleep well even in heat

For many people, summer is the best time of year, but also the most exhausting. The night sleep is becoming a problem, as the heat will inevitably lead to poor sleep. Constant tossing and long waking periods are the result. Read here how you can sleep well even with the heat. There are a few tricks that you can sleep well even with the heat.

1. At night the windows open
If you during the day ventilate your apartment, you'll find that warm air penetrates inside. Over several hours trap heat and cools until the evening hours often not from. Ventilate therefore best short in the morning when it's not so hot. If possible - - down the shade permit, even if the sun does not shine directly into the room It is advisable to open the windows at most a day on tilt and is. When it comes, you can leave the windows open all night. But beware of drafts.

Tip: Attach one insect screens on windows, because even animals looking cool refuge.

2. A damp sheets refreshes the air
You can sleep well in hot weather, when the air is fresh and cool. Hang the evening a damp bed sheet before the open window. The sheet acts as an air freshener. You can complete the curtain with a fragrance, for example, lemon or lavender. In addition to the fresh air of the room gets a pleasant aroma.

3. Lightweight sleeping clothes
In order to sleep well in the heat, you should replace thick sleeping clothes against something light. Make sure when choosing your night clothes on the fabric. Under silk or polyester accumulates the heat, because the material is hardly permeable. Access to prefer cotton. This one hand, absorbs moisture, allows the other hand air, at least minimally, penetrate through the mesh. For women there are nightgowns, men find matching pajamas (with shorts and shirt). Alternatively, you can just sleep in underwear.

4. A fan provides cooling
Until heat has disappeared from the living quarters, it takes hours. Get rapid cooling with a fan, sleeping well in the heat. A ceiling fan fills an entire room with cool air and can be adjusted by remote control. For the bedside table is a table fan is. Against a dry throat helps a lot proper hydration. Imagine a drink handy place near the bed, most preferably a plastic bottle with a capacity of at least 1.5 liters.

5. showers lowers the body temperature
Your body temperature increases during the day. So that you can sleep well in the heat, you should treat yourself to a shower before going to bed. Although it is tempting: Do not use cold water. Because this stimulates the circulation to only continue. Lukewarm water does the job well and opens the pores, can be discharged by the heat.
Extra tip: Operate a hot water bottle for cold bottle to: Place the filled water bottle to go during the day in the refrigerator and just before going to bed to bed.
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