697 years in prison for those responsible for the murders of women in Juarez

697 years in prison for those responsible for the murders of women in Juarez

697 years in prison for those responsible for the murders of women in Juarez
The defendants awaiting sentencing for killings in Ciudad Juarez. Photo: Reuters.
Mexico. A 22 years after the event, the first judgment on the case of "the dead women of Juarez" hundred (estimated to be thousands) of women killed by a criminal gang is issued. The long arm of justice begins to reach, 22 years later, some of those responsible for hundreds of crimes against women, maybe thousands, in the case known as "the dead women of Juarez", whose bodies were found in desert landscapes that border city.

An Oral Court of the State of Chihuahua, northern Mexico, gave judgment of 697 years and six months for each of the five defendants who were convicted for trafficking and murder of 11 young people, as part of a "historic failure" of called "trial of the century". The accused, identified as Manuel Vital, Edgar Regalado "The Piwi" Felix Romero "The Felix" Jesus Hernandez "El Gordo Maloso" and Antonio Contreras "The Koyac" shall pay to each of the families of the victims equivalent to about $ 60,000 for "damages".

Those sentenced were part of a band that for years lured young women you -delgadas very defined profile, brunette, attractive, aged between 18 and 25 years with false offers of employment, then kidnap them near their homes, thanks to information obtained naively applications delivered. The trial took three months and paraded in total by the witness stand about 200 people, in addition to reviewing hundreds of documents and hearing the statements of the accused themselves.

After stop them, the band sexually exploited women in the Green Hotel and the local prison where inmates attractive sums paid to have sex with them and who were also forced to sell drugs to their "clients". Finally, women were killed and thrown in the "Arroyo del Navajo ', an uninhabited about 40 kilometers east of Ciudad Juarez area. By some accounts, the band worked for the gang Los Aztecas, the armed wing of the Juarez Cartel.

It is estimated that more than 700 women (some say up to 2,000) have disappeared or been found dead in places like "Lomas de Poleo," the border city of Juarez, since 1993 to date, in the context of what He has been called the "Dead Juarez". The first documented case of "femicide" in Juarez was committed in January 1993, when it was found the body of Alma Chavira, 16, who blows on his body showed signs of sexual assault and strangulation.

In December 2009, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights condemned the Mexican state for a case involving the murder of three women in Ciudad Juarez and his subsequent failure to investigate. "The State failed to comply with its duty to investigate-and thus its obligation to guarantee the rights to life, personal integrity and personal liberty," said the resolution. This is called "Case Cotton Field" presented to the Court in November 2007 for the murders of Claudia Ivette Gonzalez, Esmeralda Herrera and Berenice Ramos, two of them children, whose bodies were discovered in 2001 on a plot of Juarez border with El Paso, Texas.

The murders of women in Juarez forced the government to criminalize this conduct as "femicide" in the penal codes and establish special prosecutors to investigate such crimes and the creation of a number of civil society organizations seeking to end impunity.

A year later, the families of the victims in Ciudad Juarez accused the state of failing to comply "fully" the judgment issued by the Court. The United Nations (UN) has pointed out that between 2006 and 2012 the femicides in Mexico increased 40% and 95% of them remained unpunished.

Also it considers that in many states the murder of women is 15 times higher than the world average and more and that country are consumed on average 6.4 murders of women per day. The Chamber of Deputies said that in the past 25 years have documented over 34,000 deaths of women and presumed murder, of which almost 7,000 were produced between 2005 and 2009.
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