A family found a shipwreck gold 300 years old

A family found a shipwreck gold 300 years old

A family found a shipwreck gold 300 years old
The treasure consists of 51 gold coins and a chain of 12 meters of gold. (AFP)
Schmitt found the treasure of a Spanish ship on a Florida beach. The value would exceed one million dollars. The treasure two thousand gold coins was hidden in the sea. Florida. The night before his family discovered gold items worth more than a million dollars off the Atlantic coast of Florida last month, Hillary Schmitt had a premonition they would find something great.

"I thought, 'What is this feeling' '' said Schmitt Tuesday." Something told me 'you are going to find it. Tomorrow is your day. Your birthday is going to find gold ''. The next morning, she was aboard a boat about 300 meters off the coast of Fort Pierce when his brother, Eric, rose to the surface with a gold coin in his hand. He dived again and returned with two others.

During the morning, the Schmitt family found 51 gold coins, including a "real" 1715 meant the king of Spain and a gold chain 12.2 meters. The discovery came just weeks after the 300th anniversary of the sinking of a Spanish fleet of 11 frete to Florida after being caught in a storm while sailing from Havana to Spain vessels. Loss of ships up to 1,000 lives and was considered one of the worst maritime disasters of Spain off the peninsula.

"Finding a 'real' 1715 gold is amazing. There is hardly a handful of them," said Ben Costello, director of educational group 1715 Fleet Society. "Pressed to a month after the 300th anniversary it is almost religious. The chances of finding one are slim."

A family found a shipwreck gold 300 years old

The Schmitt family-the father, Rick; mother, Lisa; and brothers Eric and Hillary- were treasure hunters off the coast of Florida for almost two decades. Previously they discovered a gold chain 15 meters in 2013 as subcontractors of Queens Jewels, the company that owns the rights to the site of the collapse of 1715.

The estimated one million dollars to the treasury is based on sales of similar coins in the past, said the owner of Queens Jewels, Brent Brisben. He said the real could be worth up to $ 500,000. For now, a federal court in southern Florida has legal custody of discovery. By the end of the year, with court approval, the state of Florida will receive 20% of the value of the treasure for display in a museum after an inventory. The rest of the treasure will be divided between the company and the Schmitt family Brisben.

The family now says Hillary, 22, is his good luck charm. "They now want to always go with them to the sea," Hillary said.

"People live with this Treasure Coast and not even know why it's called that," he said. "I do not know that there are 11 boats in the background, six of which have not been found."
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