A-Rival Qord: heart rate monitor for effective training

A-Rival Qord: heart rate monitor for effective training

heart rate monitor

A-Rival Qord: heart rate monitor for effective training. With the GPS clock "Qord" presents manufacturers A-Rival a new running computer. The model does not need a chest strap and should soon be available at a very reasonable price.

A-rival GPS Running Watch Qord
The visible LEDs indicate the bracelet: The clock monitors the pulse of the wearer.
The company A-Rival has presented at the fitness fair FIBO in Cologne a new running computer. Equipped with GPS and Bluetooth 4.0 model "Qord" measures the pulse rate with an optical sensor on the wrist of the athlete. 

As planned release date A-Rival indicates the second half of 2015.. According to the manufacturer, the heart rate monitor weighs 64 grams and is waterproof to a depth of 30 meters. A built-in lithium-ion battery will power the unit for up to eight hours of power.

Running Computer for effective training
"Start running, just read your values ​​with the app and your distance traveled check," said A-Rival describes the function of the device. The clock measures in addition to the pulse rate and calorie consumption, duration, distance and speed. 

The device alerts the runner when he leaves predefined pulse areas. Short: The manufacturer promises that Qord fulfill everything that runners need for effective training - at a low price of 89 euros (RRP). "We comply with it to athletes who want to spend a little money, but still expect a high quality," says product manager Jörg Küttner.

For golfers, the Qaddy is intended
The company A-Rival built originally exclusively navigation devices. Later outdoor, health and fitness equipment were added. The current best-selling computer running the company claims to be the model "Spoq". For golfers A-Rival offers the GPS clock "Qaddy" on the cards from more than 30,000 golf courses have been deposited.
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