Adidas miCoach Smart Ball: A ball full of art

Adidas miCoach Smart Ball: A ball full of art

Adidas miCoach Smart Ball: A ball full of art

From the outside it looks like a regular football, but innendrin infected Hightech: The adidas miCoach Smart Ball makes football technically fit for the future. Under the shell stuck sensors, battery, Bluetooth and charging electronics. The adidas miCoach Smart Ball wearing a mystery in itself: this "cherry" as Bundesliga top scorer Lothar Emmerich once called the ball, studded with sensors. The measure speed, spin and shot power and send the data via Bluetooth to the Smart Ball app on the smartphone.

Adidas miCoach Smartball - Meets the Standard
As soccer balls, which come in the Bundesliga for use, the Smart Ball has the size 5 and weighs 430 grams. Unlike the Bundesliga ball located under polyurethane shell, foam layer, Polyesterkarkasse and latex bladder, the technical features: motion, position, acceleration and pressure sensors. So can detect how fast he is flown, which trajectory he struck, how many times he has turned and where the footballer met him the smart ball.

On the stated address
But just start shooting is not. First you have to correctly position the gaming device. The arrows will be seen at the top, the tips must demonstrate in the targeted direction. A battery that can recharge via induction and wireless charger, supplies the sensors with energy. Excellent: The test of the current donors held a Week - even with daily training.

Only for iPhone and iPad
To read the recorded data, there is the miCoach mobile app Smart Ball, but so far only for iPhone (from 4s) and iPad (from 2). Another drawback is that app reaches only to the values ​​when there are no more than ten feet between ball and Apple device. The reason: The ball transmits data with the Nahfunktechnik Bluetooth. Higher ranges there would be only via WLAN Direct. And another drawback: The Smart Ball recorded only revolutions or speed of a shot, the archiving of multiple hits, as during a game, is not possible.

Detailed Evaluation
The sensors held in the test well. Several hundred kicks could not harm them. And the data provided were very accurate. A video analysis showed that the wily Ball stated only three turns too much; the calculated tempo wich maximum three km / h on the information provided by the Smart Ball. In addition, the app showed exactly how the trajectory looked like and where the player had to hit the ball.

The app can do more
Ball and app designed to help amateur football players, to become even better. The software evaluates the results not only from, but provides in the form of detailed illustrations, video and descriptions numerous tips for improved ball handling in penalties, free kicks, corner kicks or passes. Of course, the information can also send a cross in social networks and Syndicate there with the achievements of your friends.

Conclusion: adidas miCoach Smartball
The smart ball scores with the accuracy of the data. Disadvantage: the short radio link and the high price of around 200 euros.
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