Advantages and disadvantages of hybrid vehicle

Advantages and disadvantages of hybrid vehicle

Advantages and disadvantages of hybrid car

Plug-in hybrid - for success or interim solution? Is the future of mobility electric? Alternative drive models like the plug-in hybrid system are efficient and reduce emissions. However, the combination of combustion engine and electric motor is promising? Around one million electric cars should be on the road on German roads by 2020. But with the purchase of a pure electric motor hesitate potential buyers still. Especially the low range and the high purchase price to doubt consumers. Light falls to German motorists, however, the step from gasoline to hybrid vehicle. But it is at the popular technique to get the best of both worlds, or offer vehicle manufacturers here only a temporary solution?

Advantages and disadvantages of hybrid drive
2015 is the year of the plug-in hybrid vehicles. Many manufacturers introduce new models on the market that combine combustion engine and electric mobility in an innovative way. The sector hopes for the success of the new drive model. But the concept is convincing by no means all, and also to the motives of the manufacturer there is doubt. Reason enough to compare the advantages and disadvantages of hybrid drive each other.

Economical and environmentally friendly?
Beating selling point of the hybrid cars is the reduced fuel consumption. New models such as the BMW Active Tourer 2, which should be available according to company sources, in 2016, according to swallow NEDC test code (New European Driving Cycle) just 2 liters per 100 kilometers. But who wants to reduce its fuel consumption, does not necessarily have access to a new car. Can be found on the used car market hybrid models from the same manufacturer with spritsparendem engine. The substance may have such peak values ​​by the force that contributes to the electric motor. But this needs to be fed. Some of the costs that can be saved at the pump, must therefore be expended for charging the electric battery. Advantages and disadvantages of hybrid drive

Its strength is the hybrid drive, especially in city traffic, when through braking energy is recovered and stored in the battery. On the highway, however, cut hybrid vehicles tended to perform worse because the vehicle more difficult by the battery and electric motor is as a gasoline or diesel engine. Whether money can be due to the additional electric motor to save, thus depends on how the car is used. In addition, the higher purchase price of the hybrid vehicle needs to be factored in.

Due to the low fuel consumption of hybrid cars can also massively reduce CO2 emissions - at least on paper. Although modern plug-in hybrids points actually having emissions of less than 50 grams per kilometer. However, the current from the socket must be generated somehow. This comes out of the ordinary in Germany the combined cycle, it comes to a large extent also from coal and nuclear power plants.

Seen are not only hybrid vehicles but also electric cars deceptive if the electricity does not come one hundred percent from renewable energies. Nevertheless, the development of the hybrid drive is at least a small step towards a more energy revolution in the auto market.

Who benefits from the hybrid technology?
One thing is certain: The plug-in hybrid car is not a gift to the environment. Instead, it presents itself as a competitor to much more consistently imaginary developments. Nevertheless, the car industry is enthusiastic world of their invention. And for good reason: in the production of a hybrid vehicle is not a single conventional component unnecessary. Pistons and connecting rods, crankshafts and complex gear also retained the hybrid car and be supplemented by the electric machine. That would be especially the suppliers and automakers so on can make the whole business as usual.

Critics of the hybrid concept as Elon Musk, founder of the California electric car maker Tesla Motors, appear unimpressed by the new trend. "When a plug-in hybrid is like having two cars in one. You have two drive units, two energy storage and a lot of complex links between the two systems. This is like an amphibious vehicle, not ideal in the water and not ideal on land," explains Musk in the Spiegel interview. When Tesla remembered focuses on the development of electric cars.

How sustainable the trend towards hybrid vehicle will be, can be answered only with a view to competing concepts. Ultimately, the question is to decide whether German motorists will eventually get used to battery-powered vehicles. Providing the necessary infrastructure, the electric car would be the more radical alternative. However, a breakthrough in the development of hydrogen-powered vehicles would make the long-term success of the hybrid vehicle a spanner in the works.
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