Again AUA flights canceled

Again AUA flights canceled

Again AUA flights canceled
Austrian Airlines
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After 27 failures canceled 14 more flights for sick leave over the weekend. The Personalnot in Austria Airlines (AUA) continues: on weekends had to be re-painted 27 flights because many pilots had reported sick as reported. The problems to be resolved quickly but, it is therefore part of the AUA. Yet already 14 more flights were canceled.

On short- and European routes with the AUA currently fall back from flights. This weekend had to be canceled 27 of 720 flights. Because loomed more bottlenecks for today Monday, the airline stressed anticipate 14 of 364 scheduled flights: Depending on a Return to Brussels, Nice, Bucharest, Amsterdam and Klagenfurt and Varna and Baku. There are too few pilots in service.

According to the Austrian Airlines affected by the flight cancellations passengers be notified by telephone or e-mail and rebooked on replacement machines. This will also be the rest of the week so, "as long as we have this bottleneck," said AUA spokesman Peter Thier on Monday.

The passengers were asked for understanding. Also on Twitter, the airline has apologized for failures. Be it known that the anger is great and I'm going to eliminate the bottleneck.

Situation should improve in August
No later than the first week of August, the first use of a leased machine including hired crew is expected because currently running negotiations. While the union of misguided personnel policy and failings of the management speaks, the AUA leadership speaks more generally of a combination of factors: Two dozen pilots were on retraining, to fly many short trips with a higher frequency, it is working according to the new collective agreement, to increase productivity to increase, and there are sick days.

Concerted action, as recently speculated media, the AUA spokesman was however "no mooring".

Union had warned
Little surprised by the flight cancellations on Monday showed John Schwarcz, Chairman of VIDA Department aviation and shipping, and works at the AUA. The union had warned months ago that the already dramatic staffing situation at the AUA will worsen again in the summer months. Exactly had happened now. "Since last Thursday the AUA had to" pass over 60 flights because several pilots had reported sick, "said the union in a press release.

"Due to staff constraints, the Austrian Airlines were unable to absorb all the losses," criticized the vida-unionists.

"We simply have too few staff," said also AUA board council chairman Karl Minhard. "Here is clearly a failure of the company before." In the labor-intensive summer months will particularly clear.

In-house called the pilots
As "emergency measure" demanded today Schwarcz and Minhard that many only temporary workers adjust flight attendants and pilots fix. In the eyes of the trade union is the rest "every pilot who does not answer, quasi grist to the mill of those who want to keep the role of Austrian Lufthansa Group small."

In the aviation sector, it is no secret that not only the future role of the AUA in the Lufthansa Group, but especially the new AUA intercompany service regulations for resentment when cockpit staff makes. In particular, the ongoing and further downgrades feared by pilots on Kopilotenstatus and adverse for some cockpit crews career prospects.

If the new AUA CEO Kay Kratky to begin its service in Vienna on August 3, he has the same again to edit a new construction site in the Austrian Lufthansa subsidiary.

Several flights canceled
Only last week there had also come to an increase in flight cancellations. "When the pilot of Fokker and Dash machines there increased sick leave," spokesman Peter Hödl told the ORF Vienna. "It's just the short and medium haul affected, no long-haul flights." Personnel bottleneck should be overcome soon, assured the AUA management.
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