Computer Bike Bosch Nyon in test: cycling with Internet

Computer Bike Bosch Nyon in test: cycling with Internet

Bike Computer Bosch Nyon in test: cycling with Internet

With the Bosch Nyon the Swabian manufacturer brings now the bike into the net. We went with the onboard computer for bicycles with electric assistance (pedelecs) to test drive. The centerpiece of the networked bicycle: Bosch Nyon. The cycle computer controls the response of the electric drive and navigate you to the destination.

After GPS running watches and sports apps à la Runtastic comes with the bike computer with an Internet connection now the next smart tool for recreational athletes. Rationale: Per Nyon regulates the driver how much help the electric motor to contribute. So he chooses about "Sport" for short trips to the office and "Eco" for the comfortable bike ride.

Bosch Nyon
Control of the works Nyon - similar in some cars - not a touchscreen, but a joystick. eVivam tested the new ticket machines from Bosch.

Bosch Nyon: With app and push messages
There are two modes while driving to select: In the fitness mode Nyon gives information such as Cadence or pulse. The Ride mode provides information on the battery status of the pedelec, the distance covered or the power consumption. Even the arrival of a SMS reporting the Nyon on request.

These ads can be on your own taste vote and that is also urgently needed because the abundance of functions confused initially. Who wants to set his preferences, needs "eBike Connect" app for iOS or Android. The choice of navigation destinations or planning a tour works considerably more comfortable than via Nyon-joystick on the phone's screen. The information then come directly via Bluetooth connection to Nyon. While driving, the joystick is but clearly the safer alternative.

Bosch cloud with analysis tool
After returning home, the Nyon automatically connects to the WLAN and transmits the data of the tour at the eBike Connect Cloud Bosch. The evaluation get Nyon owners comfortably at the computer or in the app. One of the two prototypes of Nyon crashed during the tests, but after restarting the on-board computer running again with no funny business.

The price of the bike networked system is fierce: Sensible pedelecs with Bosch drive and Nyon cost loosely over 3000 Euro. The price of Nyon alone, Bosch not to, because the computer is only supplied complete with electric drive on bicycle manufacturer. These providers include KTM, Trek, Cannondale and Centurion.

Despite the intermittent crash the Nyon-board computer proved to be pretty smart. However, the SMS notifications distract strong and should remain disabled.
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