Children and addicted digital media problems

Children and addicted digital media problems

Children and addicted digital media problems
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Addicted to digital media. Experts: Media Depending increasingly issue in children and adolescents More than 60 percent of nine- and ten-year-olds in Germany may employ more than half an hour without television, computers or other digital media, according to a study. This emerges from data, which were first raised in the context of screening tests for children, such as the Federal Drug Commissioner Marlene Mortler announced in Berlin on Thursday.

Only one in five children do is accordingly more than four hours without digital media to employ. "Many young people and adults show signs already a media dependency," explained Mortler. Computer game addiction or Internet dependencies are increasingly an issue. It is therefore important time to operate reconnaissance.

Examines use of digital media
The data were collected for a project that the use of digital media in the families studied by using the paediatricians. More than 23 percent of parents surveyed feel therefore concerning the handling inadequately informed in parenting with digital media. Every second person holds the education offer as insufficient.

The health effects of excessive media consumption is for pediatricians currently one of the main questions at all, the President of the Association of Child and Adolescent Physicians, Wolfram Hartmann the "Tagesspiegel" (Friday edition) said. Some children have been in pre-school age have access to smart phones and the Internet are on the go. For more than twelve years, many were almost non-stop Blazed with mobile phones and laptops. What consequences this had long, is scientifically so far hardly been examined.
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