Convicted gunman - "Batman", the death penalty possible

Convicted gunman - "Batman", the death penalty possible

James Holmes in court
James Holmes in court - © Picture: Reuters / RTW / BS
Guilty Cinema Cocking Aurora in every respect - the death penalty possible. Three years after the shooting rampage at a movie theater in the US city of Aurora the perpetrator James Holmes has been convicted of twelve counts of murder. This threatens the 27-year-old capital punishment. The jury jury of the competent court in Centennial in Denver refused on Thursday (local time), to look at him as mentally ill and not criminally liable.

Holmes had fired on July 20, 2012 during the premiere of "Batman" movie in Aurora, Colorado with a shotgun, an assault rifle and a pistol, finally in the cinema. In addition to the 12 dead, he wounded another 70 people.

The prosecution had called for and announced that it intended the death penalty, the murder conviction. The defense, however, saw it as proven that Holmes is mentally ill and therefore not criminally liable.

Holmes found guilty on all counts
Holmes has been found in all the 165 cases found guilty. For the twelve dead the 27-year-old was charged with alone 24 times, once each for murder and one for manslaughter. For each of the 70 wounded, he was again charged with attempted murder and attempted manslaughter. The 165th event was the installation of explosives in his apartment. In the one and a half days, the jury had decided on each individual case.

Penalties will be determined
A penalty have not yet determined the jury. Under the law of the State of Colorado, the process is now once again in a new round, substantiate their viewpoints in both sides and may propose a penalty. To decide who ends up being the jury, the sentence can go up to the death penalty. Probably there will be a decision but only in the next month.

Colorado is one of the states where there is the death penalty - but it is virtually abolished. Over the past four decades, it has been enforced only once, in 1997 against a murderer and rapist. However, capital punishment is still legal in the Catalogue of the State and may be imposed.
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