Danger insect bite

Danger insect bite

Danger insect bite
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When the paramedics had to be called and how to avoid bites. A mosquito bite can be not only dangerous allergies: a swelling in the neck for everyone is a potential problem, warns the Red Cross. First aid consists of cold compresses. In a sting in the throat or mouth also help suck ice to avoid the swell up the airways. As a precaution the emergency services should be contacted.

"For most insect bites the skin is red around the puncture site and swells," said Wolfgang Schreiber, chief physician of the Austrian Red Cross. "One is stung in the mouth, this swelling can impede breathing." Additionally threatening allergic reaction - even those who do not so far responded to insect venom, can suddenly develop an allergy.

When the paramedics had to be called
"The immune system responds with an exaggerated immune response to the foreign substance that enters through the bite into the body. This is in addition to the swelling and severe circulatory problems come," said Schreiber. Fever, vomiting, shortness of breath up to the circulatory collapse are symptoms of an allergic reaction. Then reflect actual emergency must be selected.

If the sting is still in the skin, it can be carefully removed with tweezers. After that cool the body part around the bite with cold compresses. "People who know about your allergy to insect venom communication, have often with their own emergency medication. As first responders can help them in taking" advised Schreiber.

How can you avoid bites
Insect bites could be avoided often: juices and foods should not be without coverage outdoors. Drink sweet drinks through a straw. "Your own behavior is decisive for the risk of being stung: A picnic near fruit trees lures the insects," says Schreiber.

Cooling recommends that the chief physician against swelling after a bite of a poisonous snake as domestic viper or sand viper. "Under no circumstances, the wound should be sucked or tied." If possible, you should remember how the reptile appears to it describe the rescue service can. Deadly poisonous hitting not live in Austria in the wild. Bites from viper or sand viper can cause symptoms of poisoning, "which generally are not life-threatening but".
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