Discovered New Earth

Discovered New Earth

Discovered New Earth
A cousin of the earth
© Image: NASA / Ames / JPL-Caltech / T. Pyle
NASA scientists found "Kepler-425b" 1,400 light-years away. Scientists from the US space agency NASA have discovered Earth-like planet to date. The "Kepler-452b" baptized property is a kind of "larger and older cousin" of the Earth, the researchers divided at a press conference on Thursday.

The spied with the Space Telescope "Kepler" Planet is located in the habitable zone of another close sun-like star called "Kepler-452". Water could be liquid on the planet - one of the basic requirements for life.

Discovered no life
"This exciting result brings us one step closer to the discovery of an Earth 2.0," said NASA manager John Grunsfeld. Water or even life, researchers have so far not discovered on the distant planet. The diameter of "Kepler-452b" is 60 percent greater than that of the Earth. Weight and composition of the planet, the researchers can not pinpoint, but the probability is high that it was rocky. The newly discovered planet is five percent farther from its sun-like star, "Kepler-452", as the earth from the sun. He needs 385 days to orbit the star once.

The star "Kepler-452" is six billion years old - 1.5 billion years older than our sun - and 20 percent lighter. The "Kepler-452" -Sonnensystem located in the constellation Cygnus about 1,400 light years from our Earth.

"It is impressive, if one imagines that this planet has spent six billion years in the habitable zone of a star that is longer than the earth," said NASA scientist Jon Jenkins. "This is a significant opportunity for the emergence of life - if it exists because all essential requirements and conditions on this planet."

A list of habitable planets:
So far discovered 4,700 possible exoplanets. NASA's planet hunters "Kepler" - named after the German astronomer Johannes Kepler (1571-1630) - was brought into orbit in 2009 to look there for extrasolar planets (exoplanets). So far, so nearly 4,700 possible exoplanets have been discovered, confirmed are now 1030. 2013, the telescope had to quit his job because of a technical defect, its data will be further evaluated.

The "Kepler" mission has made the scientists show that Earth-like planets are common. According to estimates, has at least one out of two Earth-sized planets around star in. This does not necessarily mean that there is life on one of these heavenly bodies.
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