Family of the shooter reported depression

Family of the shooter reported depression

Family of the shooter reported depression
Four Marines and one Sailor Killed In Military Shootings Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee
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After the attacks on the army facilities in the State of Tennessee, a fifth victim died of his injuries. As the US Navy announced on Saturday, died of a sailor in the night to the serious injury to him by the alleged gunman Mohammad Youssuf A. had inflicted in the attacks on Thursday in the city of Chattanooga.

The investigation into the motives of the act continued. The 24-year-old opened fire after presentation of the first authorities in front of a recruiting office of the army. He then gave a chase with the police and went to a reserve center, where he shot and killed four marines. The shooter was eventually killed by the police.

Family reported depression
The man's family declared that there were "no words" to describe their shock and their grief. "The man who has committed this terrible crime is not the son, we've known and loved", the station NPR quoted from the Declaration.

"Our son suffered for years from depression. It fills us with incredible sadness to know that his pain has found its expression in this heinous act of violence," it said in the statement. The family also sent its condolences to families of victims and promised to cooperate in the investigation by the authorities.

Ermitllungen against "domestic terrorism"
The investigation focused on the police continue to "domestic terrorism". Not ruled out possible links to international extremist and "a simple criminal act" were. The FBI asked foreign intelligence for help to trace the activities of the man abroad. He should have stayed among others last year several months in Jordan.

Republican Senator Michael McCaul had been suggested on Friday that it was probably a question of one of the terrorist organisation inspired attack. The FBI chief investigator Ed Reinhold warned but before jumping to conclusions. There were no indications that the perpetrators "of someone else was inspired or directed as by themselves."

Shooter worked at nuclear power plant
The alleged shooter was born in Kuwait, but grew up in the United States, where he received citizenship. He studied engineering and worked in Tennessee in 2013 for a short time in a nuclear power plant. He was dismissed when it was discovered that he did not meet the minimum requirements for the job, said a spokeswoman for the utility company FirstEnergy.

The young man practiced, according to acquaintances of his Muslim faith, but he was by no means been fanatical. He came only once with the law in conflict. In April, he was briefly detained for drunk driving.

Chattanooga in shock
The 168,000-inhabitant city Chattanooga was after the assassination further shock. The Islamic Society of the region said in deference to the victims' families, the planned celebrations of the Islamic fast-breaking from.

In Washington Defense Secretary Ashton Carter announced the examination of measures to better protect soldiers and military personnel in the army facilities. The governors of Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas enacted however arrangements that allow arming of military personnel in recruitment centers.
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