Foiled terrorist attack

Foiled terrorist attack

Foiled terrorist attack
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Suspected jihadists should have planned to decapitate soldiers According to the government in France has been defeated on a military installation, a clearly Islamist-motivated attack. It befänden four suspects in the custody of domestic intelligence service DGSE, who had a "terrorist act against French military facilities" planned, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said Wednesday evening at a press conference in Paris.

The suspects were 16 to 23 years old, is located underneath a former Marine. From the professional field of the investigation was reported, they wanted to behead a soldier and shoot the scene. President Francois Hollande issued the following statement in Marseille: "This week we will also prevent potential acts of terrorism."

The interior minister said the suspects were arrested Monday morning at four locations in France. The alleged leader of the group had come to the attention of the authorities because he wanted to travel to the conflict area to Syria. The suspect, who had previously noticed in the social networks because of its links with imprisoned jihadists today and its activities, had been questioned about his travel plans, Cazeneuve said.

No connection with arson attack
On June 23, had been taken with the aim of committing a terrorist attack on suspicion of banding of the prosecutor's office in Paris preliminary investigations. So far, have no connection can be established to an arson attack on an oil facility in southern France, Cazeneuve said. In the incident on Wednesday two tanks had exploded near the coastal city of Marseille and catch fire. At a third tank an initiator was found.

Hollande pointed out that the government had the security at all the industrial installations covered for the handling of hazardous substances under the so-called Seveso Directive tightened. "They are all protected."

Cazeneuve had said this afternoon, the first investigation results showed that we are dealing with a criminal act. In early July there had been a disturbing incident in the region of Marseille. Then unknown had stolen plastic explosives and at least 150 detonators at a breaking into a military depot in the south of France. The burglars cut through a fence and then penetrated into the military site in Miramas near Marseille.
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