Found hundreds kilos of cocaine under banana

Found hundreds kilos of cocaine under banana

Found hundreds of kilos of cocaine under banana
Officials of the state criminal police search the crates of bananas./© dpa
Braunschweig - German. Camouflaged under banana have emerged at least 400 kilograms of cocaine in Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia. It is probably the largest fund in Germany since of 2010. Employees of a supermarket in Braunschweig on Wednesday discovered several drug packets, just as she unpacked fruit boxes. That said a spokesman for the state criminal office Niedersachsen on Friday.

The investigators then examined thousands fruit boxes from the same bulk supply from South America, they were successful in five other supermarkets. In Hamburg nor stocks are currently being reviewed, said the spokesman. The cocaine was very pure and could be sold for tens of millions. Tucked away in Wood briquettes 1300 kg had been found in a freight container from Paraguay in April 2010 at the Port of Hamburg.

Spectacular finds cocaine in Germany:

1,300 kilos found in April 2010 in the Hamburg harbor in a freight container from Paraguay - hidden in wood briquettes.

1250 kilos of Colombia discover investigators in October 2002 in Kassel.

514 kilos fall into a container with thousands of work gloves from Venezuela in the Port of Hamburg in October 2001.

400 kilos be ensured in September 2007 in Bremerhaven in a container from Central America behind a wine charge.

386 kilograms are taken in May 2015 several Aldi supermarkets in Berlin and Brandenburg from Colombian banana boxes.

325 kilos discover investigators in March 2006 in Bremerhaven in a container from Peru between coffee.

320 kilos of high purity cocaine in April 2011 ensured the Port of Hamburg in timber supply from Bolivia.

310 kilos find coworkers of a forwarding on the Lower Rhine in March 2010 when unpacking of banana cartons from South America.

300 kilos find employees of a fruit and vegetable market in Saarland Völklingen in March 2015 banana boxes.

300 kilos discover investigators in August 1999 for a local builder in Berlin.

257 kilos of pure cocaine discovered in May 2015 in Hamburg customs investigators in a container with peanuts from Argentina.

250 kilos of the Port of Hamburg brought in March 2013 within a few days from containers with bananas from Colombia and iron pellets from Brazil.

200 kilos of high purity cocaine from Honduras make sure investigators in the Westerwald. Probably due to an error by the smugglers, the drug was delivered in June 2009 to an operating room in Altenkirchen.

140 kilos discovered in January 2014 in several Berlin supermarket branches in banana boxes.
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