Green Daddy brings bamboo as functional clothing

Green Daddy brings bamboo as functional clothing

Green Daddy brings bamboo as functional clothing
Bamboo forest

Bamboo as a cool summer clothing. Are you looking for good material for sports activities in the summer? Then try it again but with bamboo clothes. There are 116 bamboo species worldwide. Now you can even put on bamboo: Maybe you remain so even fresher longer.

Bamboo seems to be a very sought-after material: Panda Bear eaters have it, you can delete your thirst with bamboo beer - or you let the sweet grass even on your skin, in the form of bamboo viscose. Right now in the summer you can have the special properties of the tissue obtained from the bamboo grass make advantage: experts agree that bamboo absorb moisture quickly and can carry away again. In addition, the material is attributed to be hypoallergenic.

Yoga clothing and Co.
The Dutch company Green Daddy writes to be on the flag, one of the first suppliers of the textile in his homeland. Founder Rik Vegter: "Bamboo is a very hardy plant and grows without artificial fertilizers or insecticides. The round structure of bamboo fiber textiles are ultra soft and stays fresh longer. "For almost a year now the online portal in Germany. According to the company, the opening of a store was this country planned. Is the yoga clothing from bamboo viscose 5 percent are included spandex yet even in currently fashionable Royal. Besides bamboo.

Background Info
Bamboo is technically seen in the textile industry a similar way as wood: Both raw materials have to be processed within a chemical process only to a pulp so that their fibers can be spun. In the case of bamboo fibers, the material is then bamboo viscose.

According to the Bamboo Technology Network Europe can up to 30 meters in height within five years of a stalk, but are already harvested. The rhizomes to grow. A conifer can compared only after 80 years, a deciduous tree to be felled only after 100 to 110 years. Then trees must be replanted elsewhere. Although there seem to be many benefits for Bamboo: Bamboo is grown commercially exploited in the tropics and subtropics as monoculture, a quite controversial form of extraction of raw materials.
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