Gunman Attacked US military facilities, Four soldiers killed

Gunman Attacked US military facilities, Four soldiers killed

Gunman Attacked US military facilities, Four soldiers killed
In an attack on two US military installations in the US state Tennessee five people were killed, including the attacker. The authorities said in Chattanooga on Thursday. More people were wounded, among them a police officer, reported Mayor Andy Berke. Attorney Bill Killian told the press that investigators would investigate the incident as a possible "act of domestic terrorism." The CBS reported, meanwhile relying on enforcement sources, the shooter was identified as Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez. In the US, there have been multiple attacks on US military installations.

The shooter had reportedly initially attacked a military facility in Chattanooga in the morning shortly before 11.00 clock, was driven away by car and then opened at a second facility again the fire. The media had reported the attacker had fired at a recruiting office and a reserve center of the US Navy.

Shot dead by security forces
According to the US Army is in the four victims were marines. Had been killed before the reservists center all four. The shooting of the recruiting station a recruiter of Marines also had been wounded in the leg. The attacker was reportedly shot dead by security forces.

Mayor Berke said on Twitter from a "terrible incident in our community". The perpetrator drove to the investigators several kilometers from a crime scene to the next. After 30 minutes everything was over. An eyewitness told the CNN, a man had fired from the car and was then driven away. Passersby fled to surrounding buildings, it said. The police had temporarily closed the area.

Gunman Attacked US military facilities, Four soldiers killed

Shots near the State College
The Chattanooga State College nearby reported on Twitter also from shots outside the campus and called on not to leave the building and close the doors. The operation of the Colleges has been temporarily suspended. Some businesses closed for security reasons also for the rest of the day.

US President Barack Obama had been informed by his team for national security about the incident, told the Deputy Speaker Eric Schultz. In September 2013, a Marine reservist had shot at the military base in Washington Navy Yard twelve people. The man was subsequently killed in a shootout with police. In November 2009, a military psychiatrist opened fire at the Fort Hood base in Texas, killing 13 people. The gunman was sentenced to death two years ago.

Motive of the gunman still unclear
About the motive of the perpetrator is confusion. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation said on the night of Friday, they currently do not expect that the perpetrator of an international extremist organization consulted or have had appropriate links. According to investigators circles but is investigating whether the attack in Chattanooga could have been inspired by a radical group such as the Islamist militia IS. The prosecutor checks if there is a terrorist background.

The FBI gave the name of the suspected shooter as Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez. According to media reports, it was a US citizen of Kuwaiti origin. The "New York Times", according to his father several years ago because of possible links to foreign extremist organizations targeted by the authorities. The Department of Homeland Security ordered after the incident to increased security at some federal facilities.
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