Hardware Firewalls

Hardware Firewalls

Hardware Firewalls

Hardware Firewalls. For the ultimate in safety, neither the Windows still has enough power a desktop firewall. The reason: the software can have security gaps. The perfect solution is a hardware firewall that sits between the internet and PC. Today's routers are standard equipped with a firewall such. Important: Do not confuse with an Internet modem to the router. In this no firewall is integrated. Such pure DSL modem without built-in firewall, there is often the conclusion of a DSL-term contract, for example, when Alice and Telekom Germany.

Cheap Hardware: Router with integrated Hardware Firewalls are not expensive. You can choose between devices with or without wireless technology, ie wireless. Moreover, there are routers which also comprise a modem other than a firewall. The advantage is that the user only needs one device for Internet access. This saves electricity.

Configuration: Setting up a hardware firewall is not easy. We therefore recommend that inexperienced users to work with the default configuration. Incorrect settings there is a danger that the Internet does not work anymore. Below we will explain some important settings; the terms differ depending on the device and can therefore differ slightly from our information. First, open the configuration menu of the router. Just type in your Web browser of the device's IP address. These can be found in the manual or on the bottom of the router. Usually it starts with 192.168.

Log in with your username and password to the configuration menu. You can find this access also in the manual. Mostly it is the user name admin and a simple password such as 0000, 1234 or admin. Change this default password necessarily. To prevent strangers getting access to your router and change settings. The password you set in a configuration menu as settings or Administration.

Hardware Firewalls
Now you can customize to your needs in the configuration menu, the default firewall settings A. It can be, for example, disable Internet addresses with adult content. Next you can open or close individual ports. This is to "doors" between the computer and the Internet, all carrying a different number. Depending on the software (eg. As online games, e-mail program or music downloads) other ports are used.

Under www.iana.org/assignments/port-numbers read what ports are responsible for what. Search in this list via Ctrl + F to the desired use (about POP3 incoming e-mails), already see the associated port number. Alternatively, do a Google search on the Internet, for example with the keywords name of the computer game + port or port for outgoing e-mail is recommended.
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