Hotpants ban on school

Hotpants ban on school

Hotpants ban on school
At a school in Baden-Württemberg is to revealing clothing - future sanctioned - such as hot pants. The girls of a school in Baden-Württemberg in summer wear like midriff shirts or hotpants. The director is worried now about the school climate and threatens to unusual measures. The seasonal textile clothing of poor students led a headmistress from Horb am Neckar to crackdown: Bianca Brissaud wrote a letter to parents, in which they announced that about revealing clothing will be punished in the future. Pupils should just in case compulsorily must cover their nakedness with shirts in XXL size.

Facing possible parents protest against the new rules it says in the letter: "We're not about suppressing your child's individuality," but by an amount to a "healthy school climate in which everyone feels at home and in the social and are social values ​​lived and promoted ".

According to the Süddeutsche Zeitung teachers had persuaded to this measure, the Director. Especially male colleagues had a problem: "Some do not know how they should raise the issue with the students" will, Brissaud quoted. The new rules will apply for this school year only, the next a dress code is to be determined.

Students defend themselves against the #hotpantsverbot
On the social networks, the students are up in arms against this regulation that prescribes them, what they are allowed to wear and what not: The Hotpants ban relates exclusively girls, criticized the activist Anne Wizorek who had in 2013 taken care with the # outcry campaign for everyday sexism stir. A Twitter-Licensees feared a relapse into the petty past.
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