How healthy living Frutarian really?

How healthy living Frutarian really?

How healthy living Frutarian really?

The frutarian live according to strict and ascetic rules regarding their diet. Meat and dairy products are off limits and not even every plant can be eaten. Whether this diet is healthy and especially in everyday well implemented, is controversial..

Blackberries are ok for Frutarian, because the plant does not die while picking.
Vegan, vegetarian, Flexitarians - diets, there are many. A particularly extreme form of diet live Frutarian. They have strict rules as regards their food, and pay attention not only animals but also plants. Frutarian eat only what nature gives them voluntarily, resulting in the implementation of many restrictions. Meat and dairy products are taboo for Frutarian as they are accompanied by vegans. However, your diet philosophy goes further by not eating all the plants, because they do not want to kill them.

What to eat and what not Frutarian
Nuts and fruit such as berries or apples are for Frutarian in order, as they are picked from trees or bushes, and the plant is not destroyed. Even tomatoes, pumpkins or legumes like beans or peas eat Frutarian. Cabbage, onions, potatoes or beets not standing with them, however, are on the menu, as these plants would be destroyed during the harvest. They do not grow on trees or shrubs and can be picked from there, but are part of tubers, roots, stems or leaves.

Even these things are taboo:
Some Frutarian even without the consumption of grain as it is grown in monocultures. Basically grain is for Frutarian but allowed. As for leather, as well as vegans refrain Frutarian on this product because it comes from animals. Even wood is taboo for many Frutarian when the tree was felled for extracting the piece of furniture.

This form of diet is not a diet version
The group of people living in Germany Frutarian is very small. Anyone who thinks he can be Frutarian to decrease itself should carefully consider. The restrictions are not without and also supply the body with minerals and trace elements must be checked as Frutarian regularly. Moreover, behind this diet more than the mere thought of weight loss. Frutarian live strictly dogmatic, after a strict philosophy, namely to that no living for them to die - in everyday life, this is not always easy to implement what everyone should be aware.

To be Frutarian means more than just his diet switch
Who this diet but want to try it for a short time in order to detoxify the body, for example, is able to do this quietly after medical consultation. Many fasting a mere diet is provided by fruits and vegetables, and for a time which is generally not a problem.

However, to be properly Frutarian is more to it than to waive for a short time on potatoes, onions and grains. The philosophy is complex and the implementation requires some expertise in botany, which is why this life can not be lived overnight.
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