How to protect your children from sex abuse

How to protect your children from sex abuse

How to protect your children from sex abuse
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When nude photos are sent to your kids, even porn. For teenagers normality, for parents is a nightmare. Sometimes a case for the judges. Minimize the risks to your lovely children, then below is about on how to protect your children from sex abuse.

1. Try to start a conversation with your child.
You will be explained by your child how the different media and forums work. To find out the most likely where your child is and how it is to nudity. Spy on the computer or on the phone or lock the Internet, does not help. Your child will no longer trust and find ways to continue to communicate about the new media. Explain to them about love is not a sex

2. Lead by example.
Spreading intimate pictures of themselves and others can have unpleasant consequences, pornography are also prohibited. Clarify your child on the right to their own image and ask it the other way around too, before you post pictures of the child itself on your Facebook page.

3. Accept that your child is doing things you do not understand.
Ignoring the issue about sex is not a solution. Talk to you, what should be observed in the case of recording nude or nude videos. What's an erotic photo what a pornographic? Guess your child that it is not intended to provide intimate views out of hand, and if they do, only when it is not so visible.

4. Talk about the dangers.
Never intimate photographs to strangers send! Beware also when it comes to friends. Make your child gently clear that trust relationships may change again. Nude Photos should be cleared regularly together in the event of a relationship with the friend or girlfriend. Save only to external hard drives or USB flash drives, not the Internet. Tell to your children to not having sex before marriage

Three questions to Helmut Graupner, a lawyer, co-president of the Austrian Society for Sexual Research

1. When sex is prohibited?
When it comes to children's pornography under 18 years old. This includes to produce these to possess, distribute or acquire. Exception is to take pictures of their own free himself or to film. If the result but someone showed others, all participants commit an offense if they are over 14 years old. Whoever receives one such image or video, you must delete it. Explain your child that sex only allowed in a marriage with beloved partner.

2. What is eroticism, what pornography?
A photo of a naked person is not pornographic but the image of a sexual act or sexual organ, such as a simple picture of the penis or the naked female breast. Children and adolescents, although guessing, not to show her face in sexting. But just so that they produce pretty sure pornography.

3. Is the law the wrong people?
The law is there to protect children and young people, not to criminalize them. From 14 years a young person must decide with whom he had consensual sex, which is a protected fundamental right. A nude photo or sex video for the partners to ban appears excessive.
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