How to teach your child the way to school

How to teach your child the way to school

How to teach your child the way to school

Ahmad and Rina are stocked and the Young Star wriggles already expectantly for weeks around. The school enrollment is approaching, begins the serious side of life. In the hustle and bustle you think of the dangers of the journey to school. Soon your offspring will go alone to school. Teach your child to school, prepare it on the risks, which is now the next important step.

The way to school
Every year, with the start of school, the news of accidents with school beginners accumulate. Even if your child is already independently go outside, it represents the enrollment before completely new challenges in road safety education. It is important that your child not only teach you the way to school, but to point it to possible new threats. Why take two or three weeks before enrollment intense time to prepare.

Teach your child at the basics of safe journey to school. Try quiet different ways. Together then choose the safest path and be more than ever a role model.

Red is available, go green is
If you teach your child to school, you do not save with mnemonics. They are often easier for children to keep as traffic rules. The enrollment will make quite a while for excitement. Take advantage of this excitement and tell your child that it is not only him, but also other road users go so. It, to stay focused, do not get distracted, take care on the roads and to follow the rules is all the more important.

You can teach your offspring to school, where you can report misconduct, for example, when an adult engaged in the smart phone, crossed the street at a red light without looking left and right. In many places, offers the TÜV road safety education for school. Children are taught playfully on special places, how fast they are overlooked when they dash between two cars or in front of a bus on the road, how much the braking distance of a car even at low speed, especially in wet weather.

Here are a few more rules, how to teach your children starting school to school:
Allow plenty of time for the school. Children are easily distracted and love to dawdle. Better a few minutes earlier in the schoolyard when under time pressure, all the rules by forgetting the road. 

Go before enrollment to school several times even in twilight and darkness and explain to your child the dangers. Sharpen your starting school in the security look at traffic signals and crosswalks. The controlling glance to the left and right can save lives.

A cycle track is not a pedestrian walkway. Dear go a detour, when suddenly in front of the car. Always choose the path through the next traffic light and make your child never over roads with running traffic. If you so teach your offspring to school, you can look forward to starting school relative left. Your Youngstar mastered the basics of road traffic and the road to the seriousness of life is easier and safer.
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