In Syria, the worst tragedy of displaced people in 25 years, says UN

In Syria, the worst tragedy of displaced people in 25 years, says UN

A child inspects a makeshift loft built in Zahrani refugee camp near Beirut, where he lives. Photo AFP

Because a satan who is called bashar al assad, now syirian refugees are more than four million people. The dead, 230,000. The number of Syrian refugees now exceeds 4 million, most in poverty and dream of emigrating to Europe, after losing hope of returning to their war-ravaged country, which makes it the worst refugee crisis 25 years.

"This is the largest refugee population in one conflict in a generation," said António Guterres on Thursday, head of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (HCR), which published the 4'013.000 number of Syrians who have fled the country since 2011. "It's a population that needs help in the world and is sinking ever deeper into poverty," he says. (See also: In Syria, the worst tragedy of displaced people in 25 years, says the UN)

Most of the refugees are in neighboring Syria, in particular Turkey (1.8 million) and Lebanon (1.1 million). The HCR has posted an increase of one million refugees in 10 months and anticipates that by the end of 2015 there will be 4.27 million.

"We do not think more to return to Syria. What worries us is the day to day, how to ensure the lives of our children, "says Yassin al Ali, 45, a refugee from the beginning of the conflict in Minié, in northern Lebanon. He lives with his wife and three children in an informal field that lacks electricity and potable water, lost in agricultural fields where refugees work under a blazing sun to get some income.

"Nobody does anything to end the conflict, so we can go home," says the man from Homs (center).

Many share this feeling of abandonment. "Over the years, we have realized that the promises made to the United States and other countries took them the wind," said Usama al Raqa, 22, who was unable to start college because of the war.

"I dream of going to Europe," he says in front of his tent in the field Minié. "Europeans eat and sleep in houses. However, we have no roof and everyone thinks we are a drag. "

The conflict, triggered by the repression by the regime of a peaceful protest movement in March 2011, initially opposed the Syrian army and rebels, but has festered with the involvement of the Kurds and jihadists from, especially , from abroad. More than 230,000 people have died, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (OSDH), while 7.6 million have been displaced inside Syria, which had 23 million inhabitants at the beginning of the war.

"The deteriorating conditions makes it more and more refugees go to Europe and even further, but the vast majority remains in the region," says UNHCR, denouncing child labor and child marriages as a result of the growing poverty. Guterres estimated to need 5,000 million for humanitarian aid this year, including support to countries overwhelmed by the influx of refugees.

In June, the agency had received only 24 percent of this sum, which means "interruption of food aid" and difficulties for the education of children. In Jordan, 86 percent of refugees who are not in these areas live on less than $ 3.2 per day, and in Lebanon 55 percent of them live in unsanitary places. In Minié, children rush on the field visitors to ask if they bring aid.

Khaled Cheikh, a refugee 53, compared with a prison field. "Police have arrested four children with seven others on Monday because they had no papers. We have no work, and we can not leave the camp. "

The head of UNHCR calls on the EU to share the burden of countries neighboring Syria, citing the model of Germany, which has "treated" tens of thousands of asylum claims. Syrian refugees constitute about half of the 137,000 migrants arriving in Europe in the last six months through the Mediterranean in rickety boats.

"If we want to prevent a generation definitely lose faith in humanity, this has to change quickly," says Oxfam.
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