Making ice tea? Try these two refreshing recipes

Making ice tea? Try these two refreshing recipes

Making ice tea? Try these two refreshing recipes

Iced Tea is one of the most popular soft drinks that can be enjoyed especially in the hot summer time happy. In addition to classic recipe variations there are also many unusual ideas that make the delicious drink for a special culinary treat. Make ice tea itself is very easy. Have fun preparing the failed variants.

Make ice tea by your self
Make ice tea itself: Try these two refreshing recipes
Iced Tea with a difference - with pineapple and coconut
If you do not want to spend much time with the preparation of a failed iced teas, this recipe is particularly good for you because it can be implemented rapidly, but is still a great alternative to traditional ice teas.

You need about four glasses with 300 ml of freshly made ice tea
300g Pineapple
600 ml of iced tea of ​​your choice
four tablespoons of white rum with coconut flavor
Ice cubes to taste
Pineapple leaves and grated coconut to decorate

Make ice tea - so it goes
Peel the pineapple and remove the hard stalk out. Then cut the fruit into slices first and then into pieces. Put about eight pieces for later decoration aside. Now fill the glasses with ice cubes, pineapple chunks, and each a tablespoon of rum. Fill all the iced tea and decorate the glasses with the leftover pieces of pineapple, pineapple leaves and grated coconut. The preparation time is about 15 minutes.

Make ice tea - lime iced tea with melon and kiwi If you want to make iced tea myself and try an unusual variant, this is lime iced tea with melon and kiwi excellent. Enjoy the lime iced tea, for example, on the terrace or in the garden and can be convinced by his taste.
Need for four following ingredients:

six teaspoons black tea of ​​your choice
four tablespoons of sugar
three limes
half a watermelon (weight about 1.5 kg)
two Kiwis
about 12 to 15 ice cubes
a quarter liter of mineral water with lemon flavor
some mint to decorate the glasses

Make delicious iced tea  - the preparation
Boil the tea with water, and then let him draw three minutes. Wash a lime and cut them into slices. The other limes are squeezed. Now the tea is stirred with the lime juice and the sugar and add the lime wedges. After cooling, cut a slice of watermelon in four slices and cut out balls from the remaining melon. Cut the peeled kiwis into slices, put the ice cubes in the tea and use carbonated water. Decorate and serve now with melon and mint corners. The preparation time is also here in about 15 minutes (without cooling time).
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