MH17: conspiracy, The most bizarre theories

MH17: conspiracy, The most bizarre theories

MH17: conspiracy, The most bizarre theories
Crash of passenger plane MH17
© image: APA / EPA / Igor Kovalenko
Who is to blame for the crash of the passenger plane? The crash of the passenger plane MH17 raises many questions. It has not yet managed to reconstruct the crime. During Vladimir Putin strictly disclaims any liability on its own, seething in the Russian media, the rumor mill. According to conspiracy, the US or even the Ukraine are responsible for the crash of the Boeing 777-200 Malaysia Airlines a week ago. We have gathered the wildest theories - and point to what - apart from common sense - is against you.

Theory 1: USA behind shooting
For the pro-Russian web portal "Russian Spring" there is no question of who is responsible for the crash of the Malaysia Airlines aircraft: the US. The reason: There was the US failed the EU to move to a military intervention in the conflict. The "large-scale international provocation" of the US Secret Service, the United States, as "" reproduces, the EU wanted to engage in a war with Russia.

Fact 1: On Wednesday reported a pro-Russian militia to speak. He confirmed that the Malaysian airliner MH17 was shot down by the separatists, but the mistake. The fighters kept the machine for a Ukrainian fighter jet.

Russian media have several theories in stock, according to which Ukraine are the culprits. According to "" So reported about the Interfax news agency that the Ukrainian military Boeing 777 to crash. However, in error, it confused but the passenger plane with the machine Putin. The was in fact on his way home from the BRICS meeting in Brazil. In addition the logo of the Malaysian airline of the Russian tricolor would resemble. Another theory suggests that Ukraine would have distracted with the launch of the MH17 from their own military failures like.

Fact 2: The routes of Putin's machine and the crash brought Boeing 777 actually crossed. However, with half an hour distance and not on the Eastern Ukraine, but over Warsaw. Confusion would be highly unlikely.

Theory 3: corpses of MH370
According to Igor Girkin, the leader of the pro-Russian separatists, the passengers of the flight MH17 should have been dead already, even before the machine took off. Opposite the website "Russkaya Wesna" he remarked that "a significant number of corpses was not fresh" as "" reported. Some of the victims were anemic and had smelled rotten. Hard to believe that this approach can be further increased. But this is the case: we can hear from Russian nationalist circles the theory that we are dealing with the disaster victims in fact the bodies of flight MH370. Behind the action put the United States as the "" reproduces. This would leave the machine on the way to Beijing disappear in March 2014, to finally throw the corpses over the Ukraine and so to stir up hatred against Russia.

Fact 3: The crash of flight MH17 on the Eastern Ukraine a total of 298 people have died. On board were 283 passengers and 15 crew members. 193 of the victims are of Dutch origin. 43 come from Malaysia, 27 from Australia, twelve from Indonesia, ten from the UK, four from Germany, as many from Belgium, three from the Philippines and one each from Canada and New Zealand, as the APA.
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