Microsoft smart phones turn out to be mega flop

Microsoft smart phones turn out to be mega flop

Microsoft smart phones

The acquired by Nokia smart phone arena proves for Microsoft than billion-flop. Now threaten drastic cuts in the product catalog. The Lumia smartphones from Microsoft do not sell well. Now, the group pulls the emergency brake. Billion amortization due smartphone flop. Hoping with smartphones of their own development to attack the top dogs Samsung (Android) and Apple (iPhone, iOS), Microsoft took over the mobile phone division of Nokia. 

The deal comes the Windows giant now dearly: Microsoft writes the enormous amount of 7.6 billion dollars (equivalent to about 6.9 billion euros). This exceeds even clear the then purchase price of 3.8 billion euros. In addition, 7,800 people lose their jobs. This conversion will cost again up to 850 million dollars.

Microsoft: Hardly important in the smartphone business
Devices running Google's Android smart phone system dominate sales with a market share of up to 80 percent. Apple comes to around 15 percent and is highly profitable. Microsoft's Lumia smartphones come to only a few percent of the market, although sales last zulegten.

Lumia smartphones: Fewer models, longer cycles
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella emphasized that it would continue to smartphones from Microsoft. However, it represented a much smaller range of models in view: "In the short term we will offer a more efficient and focused portfolio of mobile phones and retain the capacity to reinvent ourselves in the long term in the mobility sector new."
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