Philips Wake-up Light HF3505 / 01: Test the light alarm clock

Philips Wake-up Light HF3505 / 01: Test the light alarm clock

Wake up Light in Action

The Philips Wake-up Light HF3505 / 01 is simple in design and provides a few functions. Convinced the minimalist device still as light alarm clock? The practical test of author Kathinka Burkhardt brings light into darkness. So happily watch usually a few - whether the Philips Wake-up Light can help here? The Philips Wake-up Light HF3505 / 01 Light (about 65 euros) is one of the cheaper models under the light alarm clocks. The operation on the round, white touch screen to be particularly easy. With 200 lux the LED lamp should let each bedroom shine brightly. Whether making me the Lichtwecker really awake?

Wake up Light in Action - See what the morning brings: The practical test
The circular Philips device looks great on my nightstand. Runs's about even with the operation? The alarm is only a Quick Start Guide, but in fact it is intuitive to use. First, the digital clock display will light up, and I can initially set the clock and the alarm clock. I program the get-up to an earlier time than usual, so I wake up on their own under any circumstances before the "Sunrise".

Wake up Light in Action
Then I press left on the sun-sign: The display lights bright and illuminates the whole room. Now I can type in how many light phases from one to ten, I want to be awakened. I try it with ten. The light goes out again, only the digital clock display will light. As alarm at the end of the sunrise I find not the radio, but one of the two other sounds: the cuckoo and the forest program. Now I dimme nor the light of the digital display for the night - and set my phone alarm clock. Better safe than sorry.

It dawns slowly
When I wake up, it dawns already in the room. From the Philips Wake-up Light goes from a light, warm light, that does not bother my eyes. I close them again and think about how long I'm probably already awake. According to the manual the waking phase lasts half an hour. The time tells me that the alarm has been active for 15 minutes - I can not remain lying for fifteen minutes. I feel like it's getting daylight in the room. Eventually birds chirping and actually come a little forest on Feeling. Meanwhile I am so awake that I can stand up well.

Fit instead stressed
For the next morning I set the alarm an hour earlier and the light phases of the brightest level ten on the average five. The result: This time I wake up only to at the sounds of the radio. The brightness intensity five so do not pick me out of my dreams.

But overall there is the Philips Light Alarm test: In a third test with brightness level seven I find the optimum setting for me to still have tens of minutes to to get up and to me slowly get used to the day. And I did not feel that sleep is too short. On the contrary. I feel by the slow "Sunrise" in my room better than when I am torn by a ringtone from sleep Instead of me again turn around and jump up at the last minute, I'm awake and can stand up without stress.

Wake up Light in Action
Lightweight at the bedside
The Philips Wake-up Light can be easily adjusted, but off a bit cumbersome. Actually, I should tap on the top of the touch screen alarm clock, but he responded only after several attempts. Here, the clock overturned almost, because it is very light and thus somewhat unstable. In addition, the LED light alarm clock can not replace. Although it consumes little power and keeps certainly long, but they should say goodbye, I would have to throw away the whole clock. The Philips Wake-up Light has no battery, so it must permanently to the wall socket.

The Philips Wake-up Light HF3505 / 01 has convinced me. Thanks to the individual light phases I'll gently awakened and not torn from sleep. The light intensity can be set in ten levels, the light color is warm and not garish. Who forests and bird noises going in the morning, the alarm clock uses the radio function. The device also has a snooze function that once the alarm tone can be heard after nine minutes. Who in the evening do not want to deal with thousands of program functions, is likely to be satisfied with the easy to use Philips Wake-up Light. Techies who might still want a sleep timer, multiple alarms or other light tones, it may be too purist.
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