Polar heart rate monitor M400

Polar heart rate monitor M400

Polar heart rate monitor M400
The heart rate monitor Polar M400 in Test. The heart rate monitor Polar M400 is the little brother of the model V800. The functions are congruent in the essential points. For the M400 easy on the wallet. eVivam has tested the heart rate monitor.

The Polar heart rate monitor is M400 and Activity Tracker at the same time.
The Polar M400 is the second model of the manufacturer, the heart rate monitor and Activity Tracker is both. Here you have to dispense with the little brother of the model V800 no significant function. The price is for much cheaper.

Polar M400: heart rate monitor for the whole day
By Tracker feature the M400 records far more data than an ordinary heart rate monitor. It measures movement, number of steps, calories, altitude, laps and heart rate - the latter only as long as the elastic strap is. And at night watching the clock as well and long you sleep. The level meter measures the clock by the way, unlike the V800 using the GPS feature and not a barometric sensor.

Eight hours of battery life
The GPS signal detects the heart rate monitor as soon as it is common in the Arctic. The difference with the V800 is here especially that the battery breaks down in training mode after eight hours. The big brother holding by almost twice as long. But it is easier to load the battery. The Polar M400 waived namely a chunky watches terminal and instead uses a Micro-USB port.

Heart rate monitor provides information on personal best
Nice feature: The heart rate monitor is a signal, if you have set a new personal best. They missed you also also a warning, if you sit too long. This is especially in the office a meaningful reminder to move more. For ambitious endurance athletes, this feature is a must.

Easy to use Polar M400
The Polar M400 is simple and intuitive. The basic settings are made quickly. And also in the menus, Polar newcomers find their way quickly. The "Polar Flow" web service allows the training plan and analyze. So you set yourself goals that you can easily check the heart rate monitor.

Conclusion: Many features, affordable price
Especially for beginners in endurance sports the Polar M400 is well suited. The functions you need to do the small sacrifice compared to its big brother V800. In addition, it is approximately 120 Euro fairly cheap (Amazon, as of 3/6/2015). Anyone who wants to use the heart rate monitor but as pure Tracker, is better with a fitness band go.
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