Smart Bikes: How is it?

Smart Bikes: How is it?

Smart Bikes: Biking 2.0

From intelligent chassis via the built-in navigation up to the GPS tracking, the new concepts of the bicycle industry offering everything you could wish for technical and biker's heart. A look at the future of "smart" cycling. Even if it does not immediately: "Smart" bikes let science fiction dreams come true. Smart watches and smart refrigerators, smart socks and there is hardly an area of ​​life that has not yet been equipped with various tracking options. It is therefore not surprising that even bicycles "smarter" are. Various projects and manufacturers vie for the attention of the tech-savvy bikers. The trick to handle instead with various cables, mounting hardware and Smartphone, have partially built right the bikes GPS sensors, navigational instructions or theft protection in the frame.

The smart reinvention of the wheel
Particularly exciting are the bicycle projects in which a variety of tools and sensors are installed directly in the frame and handlebars. LEDs as a navigational aid, vibrating arm that warn or provide direction, networked bikes, exchange information, GPS and wireless modules before passing car something like the work smart bicycles of the future. Various manufacturers are developing sophisticated concepts here: On the one hand, of course, the bicycle manufacturer itself, for example Vanhawks and Canyon, as well as automakers such as Ford and smartphone and technology manufacturers like Samsung or Baidu from China have presented concepts for smart bikes. As they look closely.

Smarter use Old bicycle: The All-in-One control
It need not be equal to a new bike: Andreas Gahlert from Frankfurt, hobby cyclists and agency owners, developed Cobi (Connected Bike), a control that smartphone bracket, front and rear lights, including brake lights, speaker, battery, theft by motion sensors, a loud, electronic bell and a thumb controller connects. With the right app are then possible: tracking, navigation, phone calls and music control via thumb controller. Cobi can be attached to any bicycle, the eBike to ancient bike. If you have a hub dynamo, you can even generate itself the power to the gadget.

Tracking pedals and helmet clever: Smart Accessories for bicycles
Even with the tools around the wheel is about networking, GPS and security. So there are for example the smart bike pedal Connected Cycle, Lock8, anti-theft bike lock with GPS or the sly helmet of Volvo, which is to warn of collisions.
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