Stuttgart football player save pensioner's life

Stuttgart football player save pensioner's life

Stuttgart football player save pensioner's life
Kufstein - training camp for lifesavers: Thanks to the rapid intervention of a doctor, physio, kit manager and players of the third division of VfB Stuttgart is a 76-year-old alive. A training camp is always the team building. So has seen what the Stuttgart team has experienced on Thursday afternoon in Tirol, all welded together firmly. A senior had risen to the top station in Kufstein Kaiser lift, but had problems in his backpack the irrepressible one chairlift. Somehow this slipped the retirees from Rohrdorf (Kreis Rosenheim) from its seat and crashed shortly after the summit station about seven meters in depth.

The player of the VfB were there rose on the day on a mountain hike and from Kufstein on Brentenjoch. After a break and a couple of photos they wanted to take the lift back down to the valley. They would have been right after the 76-year-old off - and had to watch everything. The injured man was the first pillar of the cable car.

"We are then hingerannt equal," says Dr. Mario Bucher of tz. The 35-year-old is not only team doctor Stuttgart third division footballer, but also orthopedic surgeon and trauma surgeon. Just the right man in the right place. "We tried to keep him awake. He could not give his name, address and the name of his companion say "the doctor continues. They would really can not do much, he says modestly, they might have had only the emergency cases there. "After five minutes, then there was the already alerted helicopter." Until the 76-year-old was transported, the VfBler assisted the emergency physician, brought from the mountain station a parasol as a heat shield, keeping the infusion bottle. On Friday, police in Kufstein announced the condition of 76-year-olds is stable.

Good luck also had a 65-year-old holidaymaker who had set out on Thursday with three family members to Watzmann tour. After 14 hours he was exhausted collapsed (tz) reported. On the night he was rescued from the mountain rescue Ramsau and then flown by helicopter. 
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