Top 10: World Castles

Top 10: World Castles

Top 10: World Castles
The architecture, the legends, the landscape around them and their place in history, have become heritage.
Castles ... these stunning, magical and even mysterious structures that have hosted stories for centuries, are places that should be on your list of trips to visit them even once in life. Marvel at these symbols of the strategy, the government and the power of the past. Take the opportunity to select the one you like from the following list and be prepared to travel as many are open to the public and have been restored.

1. Castle Sully-sur-Loire (France)

It was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco since 2000 and is located in the Loire Valley. During World War II it was bombed twice and then step by years of restoration to recover their best parts. The castle has been owned by three different families and there are records of its existence since 1102. Photo GIRAUD Patrick.

2. Neuschwanstein Castle (Germany)

Neuschwanstein was built by the order of Louis II of Bavaria in 1886 and is the medieval romantic fantasy come true King has unique details. This castle is surrounded by forests and is near the lake, it is one of the most visited in Europe and Germany with an average of 1.4 million tourists a year. It is said that its construction had the only goal that King Louis had a place of refuge and away from public life, it had a withdrawn character. You should review the seasons and tours visiting for the harsh climate of the area require constant repairs facades. Photo:

3. Eilean Donan Castle (Scotland)

One of the most famous Scottish castles Eilean Donan is located on an island which he named. It was built on Loch Duich and communicates with the Atlantic Ocean so that you only get there by boat or crossing a stone bridge, a fortress to shelter. The landscape in which it is located has earned him being in films such as "James Bond, the World Is Not Enough" and "Braveheart". Photo:

4. Ashford Castle (Ireland)

Ashford Castle is not just to visit, also used to stay if you want to live a night when Real style. Since 1939 he is a luxurious five-star hotel with golf course, beauty center, restaurants and a riding school. 1922 This medieval building was originally a monastery and today is one of the most recognized buildings in Ireland.

5. Himeji Castle (Japan)

In the Japanese city of the same name is located the most visited castle in the country, also was named a World Heritage Site in 1993. The old building was built in the Middle Ages and kept in perfect condition. Remember to visit the maze, go through the secret rooms and narrow doors that used to confuse enemies. If you have time, visit two other castles in Japan, Matsumoto and Kumamoto are also emblems of architecture in the country.

6. Sant'Angelo (Italy)

This was a fortress for many and a mausoleum. Emperor Hadrian ordered its construction with the purposes and placed it to the right of the Tiber River, close to the Vatican. It was used as a prison and refuge for popes, because it is connected with Vatican City for a kind of walled tunnel. Antoninus Pius was who finished in the year 139. The name of the castle comes from 590, time when a great plague swept through Rome. Pope Gregory I, said he saw the Archangel Michael on the top of the castle with a sword, which was interpreted as the approaching end of the epidemic. The fact is commemorated with a statue can be seen today in the highest part of the building. Photo: "Castel Sant'Angelo at Night" Livioandronico2013.

7. Prague Castle (Czech Republic)

One of the biggest castles in the world is in Prague and measures 70,000 square meters. Inside is the St. Vitus Cathedral, the Royal Palace, Golden Lane or Powder Tower, among other important monuments. It was founded in the ninth century by the river Vltava and around the neighborhoods that are today part of the Czech capital is formed. You travel one of the most charming cities in Europe and get to know its medieval past with a trip to the Great Castle.

8. Windsor Castle (England)

The fortress is located on the banks of the River Thames has been extended to be as current today as in 1992, a fire forced the rehabilitation of the castle with a detailed restoration work to make it look as original. It has stood the test of centuries, it was built in the eleventh century, and several wars. The visit to the State Apartments will not miss the residence of the kings of England who was decorated with sumptuous own royalty. Photo: "Windsor Lower Ward" of Petr.noha

9. Castle Loarre (Spain)

When speaking of castles do not forget to Spain. Loarre, Huesca, is located on a hill of limestone and was built in the eleventh century. It is one of the best preserved fortresses in Europe and was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. You should go to the chapel and the castle church is striking for its dome.

10. Castle Amboise (France)

Another classic castles of the Loire Valley, is the castle of Amboise. Due built in the thirteenth century, its interior is the chapel of Saint-Hubert, where the tomb of Leonardo Da Vinci is located. It is a majestic example of political and artistic rise of the Renaissance; also it surrounded by a beautiful landscape of hills, trees and water.
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