US Police brutality against blacks

US Police brutality against blacks

The policeman Ray T. shot an African-American with a control in the head and killed him.
Columbus - Lethal Shots: Suspended Two US police. In connection with the fatal head shot of a white US police on an African American in the US state of Ohio, two of his colleagues have been suspended. Two police officers of the university campus of Cincinnati received further their salary, but should not appear to the service until the results of an internal investigation against them for so long, said a spokeswoman for the university said Thursday the news agency AFP.

The white cop Ray T. had shot in the head on July 19, the 43-year-old Sam DuBose. The 25-year-old officer had testified that the African Americans had driven off in the traffic control and have dragged him. After evaluation of the images of a mini camera that was T. on the body, but the prosecutor came to the conclusion that at no time a risk existed. The car was only losgerollt. T. was therefore charged with murder on Wednesday, he faces a life sentence.

Two colleagues from T. had been during the incident spot. One of them Ts had confirmed information that it had been dragged from DuBoses car.

Prosecutor Joseph Deters stressed that T. had not to do it in the control to someone who was wanted for murder. The victim was only stopped because in the car did not have the license plate. Deters demanded that the University of Cincinnati lodging the supervision of the campus police to urban authorities.

According to information from the US media company BuzzFeed three other black men were killed by police in 1997 on the campus of Cincinnati. Two of them were mentally ill, the third was killed with a stun gun. The university paid according to the report in civil proceedings just under three million dollars (2.7 million euros) in damages, but criminal proceedings were not incidents.

The Police Union of Cincinnati took T. in protection. To watch and analyze such an incident on a video in slow motion, was "a luxury that the police on the street has not," said union president Bruce Szilagyi. "We make decisions in a split second." These are sometimes wrong. "But all of our decisions are taken with a view to protecting the public and our own protection," Szilagyi added.

In recent months a number of cases of deadly police violence against black people in the US had triggered violent protests and debates on racism in the police partly.
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