Violence Gangs in El Salvador

Violence Gangs in El Salvador

Violence Gangs in El Salvador
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The government of Salvador Sanchez Ceren said that despite the chaos generated will not yield to pressure from criminal groups. El Salvador recorded 60 murders just this weekend. The Salvadoran government headed by Salvador Sanchez Ceren condemned the stoppage of public transport imposed by violent gangs, known as maras, and said he will not bow to pressure from criminal groups, he said today the Minister of Communications of the Presidency, Eugenio Chicas.

Public transport in the Central American country is partially paralyzed for the second day following a strike imposed by the maras, which on Monday killed seven employees of the sector and wounded two police workers and a direct actions.

"The goal of these criminal groups is to subdue the population, compelling the government to make a deal. They want a pact with the government, a pact with the people", said dpa girls, saying that "any dialogue with criminal groups is completely rejected ".

The users of the public transport, especially in the capital San Salvador, protesting against unemployment. "We are suffering badly because we can not get to our work and we are also in danger of losing our work because we can not miss," says an employee of a shop in the capital's center. National schools have also been affected by the absence of teachers and students. "Some do not come because there is fear; others have directions by unemployment," said a teacher in a school. Both girls as Minister of Public Works (MOP), Gerson Martinez, were described as "terrorist" actions of criminal gangs or maras against mass transportation and assured that "will enforce the law."

"That is undoubtedly terrorism and that what is going to emphasize is the repudiation of the population to these criminal groups," said Chicas. The government has deployed a contingency plan to ensure the mobility and safety of the public against threats to carriers.

Nevertheless, the strike affects more than 100 routes that do not offer public transport. In the streets and bus stops are redoubled note the presence of armed agents. The Directorate General of Police ordered the suspension of licenses to permit the deployment of all security force to protect the population, said the deputy police chief, Haword Cotto, in a television program.

"The police and army are fulfilling their role and I think the population, political, social sectors, business, are obliged to close ranks to strengthen, to recognize the role of our police and our armed forces," Girls added.

El Salvador is one of the most violent in the world for its high homicide rates in excess of 60 per 100,000 people, according to UN countries. Most murders are officially attributed to gangs or maras.
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