Which printers are suitable for the office?

Which printers are suitable for the office?

Pinters are suitable for the office
The commercial use of printers is now a matter of course in all companies. However, if the requirements go beyond simple printing invoices, quickly raises the question of the optimum system for their own needs. The three most widely used to date printing technologies are ink jet printers, laser printers and dot matrix printers.

Printing technology
What is the best printer for their own business needs, is highly dependent on your own requirements. In this article you will learn more about the three main printing techniques and their advantages and disadvantages for office use.

Inkjet Printers - The expert for photo prints
Low cost of printing, including color printing, a relatively low noise level during operation and the opportunity cost are talking the most important criteria for an inkjet printer. In this technology, dyes, or pigment-based inks from a storage tank in minute quantities are applied to the backing paper. Since its advent mid-eighties, these printers are indispensable in the business world, they offer a very good type and graphic image at a proper printing speed and at the same time moderate costs.

A decisive role in the victory in the business world is the fact that inkjet printers in operation are considerably quieter than up to that time prevailing coniferous and daisy-wheel, which becomes particularly paid in open-plan offices. Ink jet printers are now used commercially primarily in three areas: printer in A4 format are used in many offices for the daily correspondence and print samples used during large-format inkjet printers are used primarily in technical development and in advertising. Even professional photo printers that deliver images in the highest quality possible, put on inkjet technology because they today are superior in color mixing and edge sharpness laser printers.

Advantages of inkjet printers:
Relatively low cost
Plain Paper, Photo Paper, tracing paper, film and fabric can be printed
Easy maintenance
Relatively quiet operation

Disadvantages of inkjet printers:
Higher cost per page than lasers
Color is not always for document
Color-based inks tend to fade faster
Slower pressure compared to laser printers
Partially high prices for original consumables

Laser Printers - The professional for high volume printing
Galten laser printer a few years ago as the ultimate solution for printing in the commercial sector, the laser printers have now lost some of their attractiveness. Unbeatable Laser printers are still due to the high printing speed and the sharp typeface. However, problems have been evident in recent years, this technology brings with it.

In addition to the relatively high power consumption, it is mainly the particulate matter emissions, which are counted among the most important disadvantages. Many manufacturers of printing systems assume that the inkjet printer will make the laser printers in homes and offices again intensified competition. However, even today, nothing can stop the laser printer performs at tasks where it comes to the pressure of high-pagination, over. Especially multifunction devices, offered in conjunction with a copier, scanner and fax, can be found in many offices. This means that laser printers are the ideal devices for high-volume printing through a large number of users.

Also color laser printers have become more affordable in the meantime, however, the photo quality is not enough yet to connect with the professional inkjet printers. However, when printing business graphics and presentations, they offer a significant speed advantage, especially since the delivered image quality for these applications are quite sufficient.

Advantages of laser printers:
Very high print speed
Sharp typeface
Indelible printing
Extremely powerful especially as combination devices
Comparatively low cost per page

Disadvantages of laser printers:
High power consumption
Emission in the form of particulate matter
Relatively high cost
Reduced range of materials can be printed on them

Dot Matrix Printer - The specialist for punches
In the eighties, dot matrix printers were considered standard in the business. Meanwhile, however, they lead rather a niche existence. Due to the comparatively low printing resolution, the enormous limitation in color printing and the high noise dot matrix printers are now largely disappeared from the offices.

The mechanical pressure principle, in which needles hit by a ribbon on the backing paper, has today only where prints have to be produced with breakdown, a use authorization. This dot matrix printers are now used almost exclusively in government agencies, physicians' offices, banks, accounting firms and in industry. According clearly has become the choice of equipment on the market.

However, dot matrix printers are still in demand for these special applications and important because in addition to the physical properties of the pressure, it is above all the robustness of the devices, which ensures even under heavy use for a long life, a real plus.

Advantages of dot matrix printers:
Punches possible on multiple sheets
Very durable and sturdy equipment
Use of continuous forms possible

Disadvantages of dot matrix printers:
Very loud operating noise
Low print speed
Very low graphics quality

The assessment
What is the best printer for their own business needs, is highly dependent on your own requirements and numerous factors. Here companies should first analyze exactly are needed then to be able to make the right decision for which application area a printer. And if you are looking driver printer to make your printer works, you can download printer driver.
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