WHO: Every six seconds smoking kill man

WHO: Every six seconds smoking kill man

WHO: Every six seconds smoking kill man

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) die every year six million people by tobacco use in every six seconds. Despite anti-smoking policy every year more people die from the consequences of smoking. The World Health Organization calls for drastic measures. Particularly effective: higher taxes. Without drastic measures against tobacco die in 2030 already eight million people from the consequences of smoking. Prior to the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned in its new world-tobacco report.

Today, every year six million people die from tobacco use - every six seconds a, reported the WHO in the Philippine capital Manila. That's more deaths than HIV / AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. Although less smoked in many countries, the number of smokers is increasing worldwide population growth.

High taxes on tobacco could save lives according to the WHO. Far too little countries took advantage of this effective measure to curb smoking. Raise worldwide reported to only 33 of the 194 WHO member states as high taxes on tobacco products, that the first three quarters of the sales price accounts. That's the amount that keeps the WHO to be appropriate. "The taxes on tobacco products is to increase one of the most effective and economical methods to reduce consumption of lethal products and to achieve significant higher tax revenues," stated WHO director Margaret Chan.

Germany reached the 75 percent mark almost. The price increases and the fact that cigarettes and tobacco are not sold to people under 18 since 2009 have reduced the smoking rate among young people massively, says Kirsten Scot by WHO.

The proportion of smokers among 12- to 17-year olds has halved, according to the Federal Centre for Health Education in the last decade from 23 to 10 percent. Among adults smokes in Germany, one in four. As new risk, many experts but the E-cigarette or E-shishas.

The WHO is one smoking on the risk factors for the widespread non-communicable diseases, including cancers, heart and lung disease and diabetes. Because according to the WHO, 16 million people die prematurely, ie, before their 70th birthday. 80 percent of the world's one billion smokers live according to WHO data in countries with low or middle incomes.

The WHO praised the Philippine government, because it has the taxes on tobacco increased steadily. The US Chamber of Commerce is for an investigation of the "New York Times" have tried to dissuade the government from. Higher taxes only smugglers opened the floodgates, did the Chamber wrote to the government. The newspaper showed therefore on linkages of the Chamber of Commerce with the tobacco industry. "We will not be intimidated," the newspaper quoted the Philippine Finance Secretary Jeremias Paul.
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