5 Tips to help you reduce your depot costs

5 Tips to help you reduce your depot costs

5 Tips to help you reduce your depot costs
Who owns shares, must not only pay fees for purchase or sale. The storage at the bank costs money. And the cost of the deposit can not be deducted from the dividend income. But the custodian costs can be reduced, thereby increasing the yield. Read here how you can reduce your costs Depot.

Reduce costs Depot
As with the other costs, there are also in the custody fees in some cases considerable differences in banks. You can cost nothing even with the same conditions several hundred euros and, in extreme cases. This is noticeable in the return. Suppose an investor generated annually 1,000 euros dividend income, he may have to pay tax on only 198 Euros in a savings allowance of 802 euros currently.

At 25% withholding tax (solos and church tax remain sidelined for reasons of simplification), the saver receives therefore an amount of a net income of around 950 euros. Where the overrun custody fees on 100 euros a year, which reduced his income to just 850 euros. In a bank draft, he could reduce the annual custody fees to zero, therefore its total income would not higher. The higher the depot costs, the higher the savings, of course.

Despite the cost benefits, many investors shy away from change because they fear high expenditures or other disadvantages. This is a change in principle simple and quick to implement. Man himself must i.d.R. fill out an application for a new depot. The change in itself regulate the banks internally. Optionally, must be re-issued by the investor still possible exemption applications.

It is right that you should be well informed before a change. Because in order to get the exact cost in experience, it is often necessary to wade through more or less extensive information. Many banks offer customers when changing special conditions, but often omitted after a certain time.

Here the 5 tips to help you can reduce your costs Depot:
1. Care must be taken so that the costs for the elimination of the special conditions are still lower than in the old bank.

2. And another aspect is important: the cost of the securities purchase and sale. Often though the custodian costs are low, but the expenses for buying and selling are higher.

3. Therefore, one should also consider how it looks with the new bank with these costs. Benefits offer here mostly direct or online banks. 

4. They have low costs and Depot. also for purchases or sales of shares and other securities have to pay only a few packages of euro, regardless of the order volume.

5. Traditional retail banks charge their customers on the other hand costs that depend on the volume of an order.

The disadvantage of a change to a direct bank is often the case that one renounces a personal contact and advice and support is then less well resolved. Who wants both lower costs as well as a personal service, should negotiate with his institute. Often there is the possibility to enforce price reductions with reference to a possible change. Or you can - not yet done so - to online banking change. Here savings of up to 50% compared to the classical "branch variant" possible. Even such a change increases the total return, even if direct banks as performed may raise no cost.
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