6 Tips to avoid buying impulse

6 Tips to avoid buying impulse

6 Tips to avoid buying impulse

Avoid impulse buying. Surely you also know this situation: You go to the supermarket and want to pick up the forgotten milk and then come the end with a fully loaded bag home. Blame it on the so-called impulse buying. Here, the people of various stimuli, feelings and impulses be tempted to purchase one.

Basic tips to help you avoid impulse purchases
It is an open secret that such impulse buys very often the reason for this is that end of the month, only very little money is on own account or you can even plunges into the debt trap at worst. If you want to avoid impulse buying, try to take into account as much as possible, the following tips.

1. Never feel hungry to buy: If you go to the supermarket with the feeling of hunger, it is actually already preprogrammed to you as much more snacks, chocolate and other foods whose Guster was awakened by hunger, buy. Therefore, wait 15 minutes and would rather treat yourself to before purchasing another piece of bread.

2. Exactly bring cash: Another interesting possibility if you want to avoid impulse buying is previously calculate what it will cost the shopping and extra not plug more money. Thus, you have their hands tied, even though you might see something in a hurry, which would suit you.

3. Write shopping list: Nothing is more seductive than to go shopping with the idea that you look at what there is in the supermarket that. Because then you can be almost certain that you spend more than you intended. Even though there are only a few products, please subscribe before every purchase a shopping list and take it with to the supermarket.

4. Questioning on each extra food, clothing etc .. Check out whether the corresponding part of the necessary costs actually pays. Especially with a new pair of pants or a new shell makes sense the question whether and how often you will actually wear this in your everyday life? If the answer is a sobering, let the garment better in store. Imagine also the cost / benefit question. Need for the birthday party of your best friend really a new dress for 150 euros, which then might never recover?

5. Time is money, and vice versa: This principle is indeed already many centuries old, but can also be just fine in our daily use. Especially when it comes to that is a major purchase, which would not be necessary if possible. Take a look at the price and think you would have to work for it alone how many hours to get this money again. You will surely be able to avoid impulse purchases using this method. After all, it is a very critical question of whether the dress really 15-20 hours of your work is worth.

6. Do you in love in spite of this critical analysis immortalized in a dress or a product? Take two to three weeks to change your mind and then come back into the business. In some cases, the urge is then no longer so great and you know you have made a good decision.

If you want to avoid impulse buying, this is relatively easy with the appropriate consistency and hardness towards oneself. You will be amazed at how much money you save up over the year in this way.
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