7 best foods for thousands years

7 best foods for thousands years

Thousands years best foods
Honey - © Picture: iStockphoto.com
Food, keep forever the (almost) for thousands of years and still fit for human consumption? Yes, there are indeed! Many foods keep a lot longer than it promises the best before date. Approximately unopened yoghurt, pasta, coffee or chocolate. And some consider almost forever. We'll tell you which foods you also can enjoy without concerns when stored even after decades.

1. Honey
While honey does not last forever, but very, very long. This is purely and simply to its composition: while the proportion of sugar is very high, that is relatively low on water. The oldest honey is over 5,000 years old. And supposedly still edible. A small major problem, however: As the years go the beneficial properties of honey - it provides plenty of healthy ingredients - lost.

2. Salt
By contrast, loses salt - if it is pure salt - never its effect. Its virtually unlimited shelf life it owes to the fact that it contains no free water. So as well as bacteria have no chance to multiply. A short bacterial life is the result. The only exception is iodized salt, its durability is limited.

3. Sugar
Even sugar adheres virtually forever. The reason: Similar salt sugar is anything but hospitable when it comes to giving bacteria a breeding ground. However, sugar must be stored properly, ie wrapped airtight, to be stored. Also wet the sugar does not look good. It ensures lumps.

4. Vinegar
Another survivor is vinegar. Keep tightly closed in a cool, dark place vinegar and vinegar essence are practically non-perishable. Where the exception proves the rule: The durability of flavored variants such as balsamic vinegar is temporary. This is because they contain too little acid. Will they kept open too long, the flavor evaporates.

5. Rice
Anyone who wants to fill his pantry, is well advised with rice. Dry and airtight stored also keeps this food almost forever. But beware: This applies only for the white version. So the healthy brown brown rice will sooner or later indeed bad. This is because that it contains more fat.

6. Dried beans
Anyone who thinks that Rice will sooner or later get bored, you can also rely on dried beans. As researchers from Brigham Young University found out, the quality of the beans decreases after 30 years is a little out - they are fit for human consumption but still. Of course, also applies here: Please dry and airtight.

7. Liquor
Granted, liquor is no food in the traditional sense. Nevertheless, we believe that he deserves a mention, but it counts for those liquids that virtually never ruin. And even in the open state, When the aroma of an opened bottle needs for several decades, until it's actually gone.
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