7 Tips for a strong partnership despite the stress on the job

7 Tips for a strong partnership despite the stress on the job

7 tips for a strong partnership despite the stress on the job
The managers can sing a song about it: Not to be married with their business, is usually a knockout criterion for career. Despite crowded appointment book but some people seem to have found the recipe for a durable performance. This is mainly due to a good work-Love-balance. Read our advice how to lead a happy partnership despite job stress.

Use these tips for a strong partnership despite the stress on the job! People who have found the recipe for a durable performance, seem to have a sensitive feeling for what you is doing well: a positive attitude towards their work, to be able to make a difference consciousness itself and not to be determined by others, are the strong " motor ", they feel in themselves and makes them so strong.

A good work-Love Balance is important for their own performance
Equally important, however, is in the long run a good balance between work and private life: For here it is in a couple relationship or family life to find a sense of fulfillment. Device the balance out of balance are stress, health problems to the development of burnout syndromes occur.

In the upper echelons increases with the knowledge of these relationships, interest in new solutions. As part of a coaching example, not only has the achievement of business objectives of a business executive in mind, but seeks to sustainably maintain the performance, issues such as "health" or "partnership and sexuality" are not excluded. In a holistic view of resources are activated, which serve the client as a source of strength for their personal challenges in professional and private life.

What is it in the Work-Love Balance? A fulfilling relationship inspires: inspires and encourages our intuition, they can feel humility, contentment and gratitude. It appeals to us, to our sense of responsibility, our commitment, our social behavior, our values ​​and that we comply with them. Without it, our life is poor, very unstable and prone to uncertainties. And that has an impact on jobs and careers.

The "dryout" of love: Problems in the partnership and in the profession
It is less spectacular than its big brother, "burnout", although closely associated with him. "Dryout" manifests itself in the daily speechlessness of couples who can no longer communicate themselves, have nothing more to say, even though they know that time and love opportunities pass irretrievably. Trapped in a cage of duties, customs and beliefs "dried up" one's sexual identity - like flowers without water.
If we take systemic assumptions, we thus see the whole thing in man and his environment, then this circumstance affects everything - every aspect of life of the person concerned, but in particular performance and social behavior in professional contexts. The "dryout" of love is the "overture" to the actual Burnout: Burnout and can affect anyone - the clerk as well as the top manager.

But what explains the fact that not all people who live and work under similar conditions also burn out? This fact alone is causing a stir and makes clear that the consideration of a personal Burnout risk required to look at the man and his environment holistic integrative with the inclusion of mental, physical and spiritual manifestations.

Burnout always hits tragically the best people who once highly motivated "inflamed" were for their roles and relationships in professional as private environment. However, their individual disposition drives them back into unhealthy mechanisms that are difficult to break. It is a "rat race", which rotates faster and with every new turn makes it difficult to exit. However, this is possible, and at any stage of burnout course.

The way "back" is rocky and requires from the affected power and stamina - it includes the "revision" of his own couple relationship as the most important pillar in the personal, social support system. There are internalized automatism in our partnership, we have to shut down, the ingrained behaviors; We need to break out the same old predictable, mind-numbing action routines.

The development of a partner corporate identity takes place therefore within the professional management skills development and here under holistic coaching ideally. You can partner to participate in the development rather than to separate and therefore averting the danger of alienation, which particularly threatens when couples due to job demands and related, different horizons especially emotionally inexorably away from each other and forget that not only the partners, but also their environment feel the love emptiness and in turn responds with love and sympathy withdrawal. 

The cause has an effect.
The 7 pillars of equal partnership
mutual trust → anxiety-free coexistence
sincere friendship → authentic, open behavior / communication / emotion
cooperative behavior → a relationship at eye level, age-appropriate mature personality
Mutual love → fulfilled meaning of life inside
common life-vision & mission → fulfilled meaning of life to the outside
personal integrity → honesty in the partnership, presence
Life-skills, psycho-social skills / education / professionalism → life-success

The decision to turn to the partners, to reveal to him on the basis of absolute confidence authentic feelings, is the greatest gift of love to the loved one. If this is coupled with the awareness that this gift is not a foregone conclusion, but common to risk the foundation to start a meaningful life, this is the victory of love and the prerequisite for a life of satisfaction, self-realization, mutual respect and fulfillment.

7 tips for a strong partnership despite the stress on the job:

1. Do not confuse love with partnership: While the love a kind of "natural phenomenon" is, you have made a conscious decision for a partnership. With a partnership, you have created a binding basis for your love relationship. And that should be respected and maintained. Make yourself aware what that means, take a stance on your partnership.

2. Break free from role models: This reduces the stress. Sacrifice themselves for the company as his father, but his same always for the family there? For the family care as the mother, but at the same time make itself career? Role models are persistent and can quickly lead to one-sided strain or overwork. Specifications within the partnership make only the partners among themselves.

3. Delegate in favor of common open spaces: There are always friends, acquaintances, service trainees, colleagues, simplify your work. You should ask for help and to shovel the time for at least a pair of weekend a month time. 

4. A working partnership is a resource for working life: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wrote, "Lust and love are the wings to great deeds."

5. Keep in partnership to maintain communication flow: In the job, there are meetings - the partnership needs regular stocktaking. It is not about a common recreational activity, but about discussing the common "strategy." Ranging from the organization of everyday life, through to medium and long-term planning. Ensure regular conversations that you have to pull together and that personal and common goals are still compatible. Define common times

6. Changes bring the system to falter: Be aware that a change whatsoever in your partnership draws in your professional life change on. Take the resulting common "design order" seriously. The only way to prevent changes from differences that can no longer be bridged.

7. Bond frees: It sounds paradoxical, but is logical: a strong bond macht frei. Who has had the experience that he can rely on in difficult situations on the assistance of others, the more confident and more independent can make decisions in their professional lives.
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