A Palestinian baby was burned alive in an attack by Israelian Terrorist

A Palestinian baby was burned alive in an attack by Israelian Terrorist

A Palestinian baby was burned alive in an attack by Israel Terrorist
Palestinians carry the body of the baby - Getty Images
The bar-barian terrorist exist again.  A Palestinian and a half year old baby was burned to fire home his attack allegedly by radical Israeli settlers terrorist in the occupied West Bank, Israeli police said. In the fire, which took place in the town of Duma, near the West Bank city of Nablus, seriously they injured three members of his family, including his parents and his brother four years, all of them taken to area hospitals. Some of the victims suffered burns over 70 percent of his body and in a state of extreme gravity.

In Israeli police means is suspected, because of the inscriptions in Hebrew and the Star of David that have appeared on the scene, the fire was an attack by a radical group of settlers, who frequently attack Palestinian civilians and even members of the Israeli army in retaliation for decisions against Jewish settlement in the West Bank, explaining the message "price list". On Tuesday, the Supreme Court of Israel ordered the demolition of two buildings built illegally in the settlement of Bet El. On the walls outside the house burned several graffiti appeared with the inscription: "Long life to the Messiah," "Revenge" and "Price List". The Associated Press

The attack has been described as "terrorist" by Israel.
This unusual epithet in these cases and the unanimous condemnation of Israeli leaders, starting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, have not convinced the Palestinians, who blame the government for the death of the baby, the "decades of impunity against the terrorism of the settlers. " Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas announced that the Jewish state must respond to this new "war crime" before the International Criminal Court (ICC). "Immediately we prepare the dossier that will be submitted to the ICC."

In an unusual gesture, Netanyahu called on Abbas in a telephone conversation in which he said that both have to fight together against "terrorism", regardless of which side comes.

A Palestinian baby was burned alive in an attack by Israel Terrorist
The baby's body, surrounded by family - Getty Images

"Everyone in Israel is shocked by this reprehensible act of terrorism that struck the family Dawabcheh" Netanyahu, who visited the hospital in Tel Aviv to the family of the deceased minor he said. Getty Images

Hundreds of Palestinians began demonstrating in Ramallah in the West Bank and Gaza to the outside mosques. Thousands of people marched through the village of Duma during the funeral of Ali Dawabcheh baby, year and a half. A Palestinian flag wrapped around his body.

Washington denounced a "brutal terrorist attack", while UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon criticized the Israeli government for "impunity" enjoyed by Israeli settlers attack Palestinians. A State Department statement urging Israel to "stop the murderers" and urged both sides to "prevent an escalation of tensions in the wake of this tragic incident." Department spokesman Mark Toner said Washington "condemns in the strongest terms the brutal terrorist act last night in the Palestinian village of Duma". The Associated Press

Palestinians carry the body of the baby.
The Spanish government also vigorously condemned the "terrorist and criminal act" that killed the child and urged governments of Israel and Palestine to resume negotiations. Through a statement, the Foreign Ministry moved its "sincere condolences" to the family of the victim of a "tragic loss" and hoped for a speedy recovery of the three people who lived in the home and which also wounded in the fire. In the Gaza Strip, a Palestinian aged 27 was killed and another was wounded by Israeli gunfire after he tried to "approaching the security barrier" separating Gaza from hebrero state, he told AFP an army spokesman. For years, Israeli right-wing activists or settlers assault or vandalism committed in Israel and in the Palestinian territories. Its objectives are the Palestinians, Israeli Arabs, Muslim and Christian places of worship, and even the Israeli soldiers. Most of his outrages have gone unpunished.
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