An ultra orthodox jew stabs six people in the gay pride parade in Jerusalem

An ultra orthodox jew stabs six people in the gay pride parade in Jerusalem

A man stabs six people in the gay pride parade in Jerusalem
A man stabbed six people involved in the gay pride parade in Jerusalem/The Associated Press
The gay pride parade in Jerusalem turned to blood stain with the stabbing Thursday six people, one critically, in an attack by the ultra-Orthodox Jew himself in 2005 injured three participants in another manifestation of this community attack. The attack occurred just halfway 1.200 meters linking the parks of Independence and Bell, in the center of Jerusalem, and only authorized by the police to the sensitivity stage the march always arouses among the religious population holy city.

The man, identified as Shlissel Yishai, had recently been released from prison after serving a sentence for stabbing several people in the gay pride march in 2005, the spokesman of the local police, Luba Samri said. The Associated Press Yishai Shlissel was caught about to pull the knife from his clothes.

Zoe Shoshei an eyewitness, told the Guardian he was talking to one of the victims when the assailant approached from behind, he pushed the victim to the ground and attacked what he described as "a big knife."

"Suddenly we saw running for one or two people from one side of the street and began stabbing people, one after another. It was all so fast, within seconds, we could not tell who it was," he told Efe Idi Mozes, community member and advocate for social rights in the Israeli parliament (Knesset).
"It was like an attack, it was full of blood. It is an unbearable situation. Nobody is aware of the homophobia that is in our streets, and not just Orthodox, also of the laity," he added.

As he attacked, the attacker told her "I hate you," said the witness, who described the attacker as a man of about 30 or 35 years. Then he ran through the crowd and continued their attacks until he was arrested by the police. Shoshei said all the injured were males. Yishai Avior, eyewitness, told Channel 2 TV that he heard screams and saw three people injured on the ground. "People were running in all directions for safety. Panic and shock were immense, "he said.

The march of Jerusalem, unlike Tel Aviv intended as a protest against the discrimination of the gay, lesbian and transgender people in the city was guarded by hundreds of officers from various police forces and a helicopter He is flying overhead.

But the vast police presence was not enough to prevent rapid career attacker, who had taken shelter behind the wall of a small supermarket from which he assaulted his victims amid the confusion. The attack immediately interrupted the jubilant atmosphere in which the march passed and a dozen ambulances, police cars and emergency services, among them several mobile units stormed the ultra-Orthodox NGOs Zaka- at high speed among the thousands of participants to attend the injured. According to medical sources, a teenager entered the Shaarei Tzedek hospital in critical condition but doctors managed to save her, while two others suffered severe injuries and three mild. The latter have already left hospital. 

A man stabs six people in the gay pride parade in Jerusalem
Getty Images - One of the wounded to being loaded into an ambulance.
"This is very serious. It is a new case of intolerance that can not afford," complained Efe Samuel Angel, a New Yorker of 19 years who lives for three in Israel ago and marched a few steps behind where the attack occurred . Among the participants he is immediately propagated silence and a string of complaints against the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for not taking measures to prevent homophobia broke.

"This attack reminds us what we all want to forget: that homophobes do what they want," Yuri Shmilovich, 32, who came from Haifa (north) and said that "gays and lesbians and transsexuals should hide lamented all time ".

The media, very critical of the police, revealed that Shlissel had published a letter in which he denounced the "abomination" which was, in his opinion, the celebration of Gay Pride in Jerusalem, but security forces did not intervene about. In a strong condemnation of the attack, members of the Executive, including the Prime Minister assured that the perpetrator will be brought to justice.

The head of Homeland Security, Gilad Erdan, summoned senior officers of the Police urgently to discuss how Shlizel got circumvent the comprehensive security operation. Luba Samri, police spokesman, said there was no restraining order march to the attacker, who in 2006 told to confess the facts "had acted in the name of God" because "he could not afford such an abomination" in the holy city. Despite pressure from the community and numerous political, Erdan tonight appointed a commission to study why the Intelligence Department of the Police had no record of the attacker, and how such taunted police presence.

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin warned to condemn the event that the Israelis should not live in the "illusion" because "intolerance lead to a disaster."

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, he considered the attack "a hateful hate crime". "Its author will be judged. The State of Israel respects private freedom of each person, which is one of the fundamental principles that apply in our country," he said in a statement. The two chief rabbis of Israel, Yitzhak David Lau and Yossef, strongly condemned the attack in separate statements, stressing that the attack was "against the Jewish Torah". Despite the attack, about five thousand participants continued the march to the park Bell, slowly and quietly. One of the groups most attention was the call Religious Gays cell, with their skullcaps and Hasidic songs, appealing to the Almighty with the slogan: "Blessed be the Lord, we love you, we are also your children." However the world see this man is not a terrorist because he is a jew, it will different if he a muslim. Open your eye!
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