Apple aims to create a mobile operator

Apple aims to create a mobile operator

Apple aims to create a mobile operator

Representation SIM Apple. Had already taken the first step with the latest virtual SIM Air iPad but Apple's ultimate goal is to get rid of the yoke of mobile operators, such as Google, constituted as the service provider for its users, a desire that, if we in the library, I had Steve Jobs. At that time, statements by two senior representatives of Spanish operators confirmed that Gemalto, a major manufacturing companies SIM cards, was taking care of preparing the Virtual SIM for Apple - which also commented that year - what is last year it was finally reality.

SIM card
Now the next step is to imitate Google with its Project Fi but much more ambitious way as comment from Business Insider. Apple is now finalizing its OMV tests not only be launched in US such as the Mountain View company, but also in Europe.

Project Fi, and services will be virtual mobile operator Google
Thus, the Cupertino company wants to eliminate the middleman who has always had, the operator, and we both wanted to avoid Steve Jobs since it launched the iPhone in 2007 because a year earlier, in 2006, Apple had already registered a patent to become Virtual Mobile Operator at some point.

Even a long-term project
More than four years ago and he talked about the project and it seems that will not happen on the iPhone 6s nor in the iPhone 7. At least you think it should be three to five years to see it come true.

The other reason would not be expected that the US standardization Europe and the Virtual SIM. Last MWC 2015 we see first hand the plans of major operators like Telefonica in this regard. With the approval of operators, manufacturers and the GSMA it has created a working group for the standardization of the eSIM.

Telefonica and Vodafone propose a standard virtual SIM card know its advantages
The deadlines have this working group are adjusted, as it is expected in the third quarter of this year will take just testing the final prototype for a final release in 2016. Then we have to see how long it takes for manufacturers take this element into their terminals.

Operation of a card eSIM
It is the centerpiece of Apple's plans as the need to issue a SIM card, with the logistical problem that generates, it will be removed and may be something that comes built into the computer, as already demonstrated with the iPad Air 2 iPad Mini 3.

It would be the culmination of a project that Steve Jobs iPhone conceived and could never see completed, but the question is how users willing to trust even Apple for service plus for hardware and software are?
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