Cocoa Nibs: Healthy Snack

Cocoa Nibs: Healthy Snack

Cocoa Nibs: Healthy Snack
While processed chocolate are teeming with fat and sugar, the original shape of cocoa is a real panacea. Raw cocoa contains not only numerous antioxidants, but also more calcium than cow's milk. Cocoa nibs have more than 600 valuable nutrients. With such a concentrated amount of vitamins and minerals are raw cocoa joins the list of Inca Superfoods. Raw Food, Clean Eating and Paleo diets are just a few that are in harmony with cocoa nibs.

Raw cacao, the wonder drug of the Incas
100 grams of cocoa nibs cover 83 percent of the daily requirement of magnesium. Thus, the magnesium content in raw cacao is considered as the highest plant source of magnesium. The mineral supplies not only the muscles, but also brings the brain to peak performance, and at the same time regulates the metabolism. In addition, the potassium content is impressive - 780 mg corresponding to 39 percent of the daily requirement.

Who feeds after the low carb principle, has been found in the cocoa nibs his candy: Here take 14 grams of protein to 13 grams of fiber and only 11 grams of carbohydrates with a whopping 0.4 grams of sugar. Furthermore, cocoa nibs, are a great source of zinc, iron, folic acid and vitamin E. Also impressive is the number of antioxidants. While it bring blueberries on 61, raw cacao contains all 621 antioxidants. This worry is well known for binding free radicals and to thereby act as a veritable fountain of youth. In addition, the blood vessels to widen, which makes for better circulation and blood pressure regulated. Such nutritional values ​​not you expect when you think of the original shape of the devilish chocolate.

What are cocoa nibs?
Here come the finest raw cocoa beans are used. After harvesting, the pulp and the beans are extracted and interpreted on banana leaves to ferment. So they unfold the full cocoa flavor and get the typical dark color. The beans are then crushed and the so-called cocoa nibs arise. By dispensing with the roasting they preserve their high nutritional content. Excessive heating and the addition of milk and sugar reduce this enormous, which is why dark chocolate with a high cocoa content is considered as the healthiest.

With the steady increase awareness of healthy eating, people are looking for alternatives when it comes to sweets. Who wants to enjoy chocolaty taste entirely without remorse, which had warmly recommended cocoa nibs. By snacking of raw cocoa not only the cravings for sweets is braked, cocoa nibs are also perfect in order to upgrade cereals. Even delicious raw food bars can thus be easy to prepare. Especially those who prefer dark chocolate with a cocoa content of around 90 percent are likely to be impressed. Milk-lovers are the harsher Cocoa Nibs probably too bitter.
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