Diver killed by shark

Diver killed by shark

© Image: iStockphoto
Animal attack man when he dived for scallops - rescue came too late. A diver was killed off the coast of Australia in a shark attack. The attack occurred on Saturday near the southern Australian island of Tasmania, as the newspaper "The Mercury" reported. The man appeared therefore to scallops when the shark attacked him.

His daughter, who accompanied him, alerted the surrounding boats, but for the man came too late to help. In the region a great white shark had been spotted until Friday.

Swimmers and surfers meet in Australian waters on a regular basis sharks. But deadly attacks of predators occur relatively infrequently. In February, a Japanese surfer had been killed on the east coast of Australia by a shark.

Fanning back in the water
Less than a week after his spectacular fight with a shark is meanwhile the Australian Mick Fanning again risen to the surfboard. The first trip to the water after shark attack have very well felt, the surf pro wrote on Saturday on the online platform Instagram.

The 34-year-old also uploaded a photo near his hometown of Tweed Heads shows him on the beach on the Australian east coast. Fanning had been attacked last Sunday in South Africa during a live televised competition by a shark. The animal pushed the surfers from the board. Fanning struggled to keep the shark from the neck. Shortly afterwards, the surfers of rescue workers was drawn on a jet ski. The attack made headlines worldwide. Thousands watched the attack on the beach and watching television recordings on the video portal YouTube were clicked millions of times.
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